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So come on Sprint, offer the Pre 2.


So come on Sprint, offer the Pre 2.

We (my family and I) are loyal Sprint customers, have been for over 15 years.  There are six of use on a Family Share plan.  We think the Any-mobile Any-time plan is killer.  We all basically have unlimited talk and data at a very affordable price, great value!  However, without the AirRave device we don't get coverage at home, with it, no problem.  Sprint's customer service is hit or miss.  Sometimes the support person follows thru and problems are solved.  Other times, it a total was of a phone call.  Average time on the phone to resolve an issue: 30 to 90 minutes.

So, we have really worked with Sprint to make things work out over the years.  We've had to figure out Sprint's quirks and how to work around problems. how to get good service, which stores to go to and which ones to avoid, etc., etc.  As I said, we've learned how to make it work.

We currently have 4 Palm Pres and 1 Palm Pixie.  We really like the Palm Webos phones.  They are by far, the best phones (in our humble opinion) Sprint has ever offered.  We love the Pre's shared calendars.  We can all see each others calendars, it's great for planning and seeing what everyone is up to.   My work calendar, contacts and email integrate perfectly.  Synergy (combining contact info from various sources) is great.  The UI has a learning curve but after you master it it's intuitive and easy to use.

My oldest son has the HTC Android phone.  Too big, too heavy, 45 min battery life on the web.  Not real appealing.

We are looking forward to Webos 2.0 and the Pre 2.  We understand that Sprint does not plan to off the Pre 2.  We think this is a mistake.  If we are forced to switch to a new style of phone we most likely with strongly consider the iPhone.  We have AT&T coverage at home, (no AirRave needed).  AT&T also offers a hefty discount thru my employer.

So come on Sprint, do the right thing, offer the Pre 2.  

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