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Sync Outlook


Sync Outlook

I am having trouble syncing my email in Outlook. When I try to do it on the phone, it tells me that I need a password. Well, I don't use a password for my Outlook. Can someone please assist?

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Re: Sync Outlook


If you are using Outlook on your PC to get your mail, there is not an out of the box solution to sync email with your desktop.

What you can do is set up your email provider's information -- that's usually your cable company or something.

Who do you use for email?  That'll be the part of your email address after the '@' sign.  Like mine is for work and for home mail.

We should be able to help you get your mail set up on your phone with that info...


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Sync Outlook

I have the Palm pixi.  What they didn't tell me when I bought the phone is that I would have to BUY software to sync my phone to stuff on my PC.  I specifically asked before I switched to the Pixi but my question wasn't specific enough in that I should have asked if there were applications included on the phone to sync with Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes.  Now I have to come up with $40 to be able to do that.  Right now to sync my calendar I'm using google apps to syn outlook with my google account then the google calendar can sync with my phone.  Round about but it will do for now.  It doesn't sync contacts, notes, or tasks though.

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