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Tasks app big step backwards


Tasks app big step backwards

The "Tasks" App is a real step backwards. Tasks and Memos do not sync with anything. Google only syncs calendar and contacts, and without any great depth of categorization. I tried the Classic emulator, but can't seem to figure out how to get the old Tasks program on there, and even if I did, how it could be synced with Outlook?

The old Palm Tasks app on the Centro and Treo was powerful, simple, fast and efficient. The Tasks app on the Palm Pre is limited, slow, cumbersome, and fails to sync with anything, no less Outlook or Palm Desktop. If you relied on the Tasks app at all on a Treo or Centro and it was important to you, you will be greatly disappointed, at least for now. Chapura indicated that PocketMirror synchronization with Outlook will be available in about 2 weeks, though.

As for the Tasks App on the Pre, there seems to be no way to sort the Tasks list on the screen by due date, category or priority, and even if the functionality were present, only 7 tasks at a time can be listed on the screen, whereas on the Centro, there were as many as 10 at a time, and they could easily be listed in order by various combinations of due date, priority and category, and filtered by category or due date. On the Centro, you could just check them off as "done". On the Pre, there is no way to do that without opening each one, one at a time (likewise, there is no way to delete an email from your Inbox without having to open each email, one at a time.) As tasks and email open slowly on the Pre, this is downright painful! If you use this device as in "Getting Things Done", be prepared to have your system be made useless.

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I totally agree with this post. The tasks app is one of our biggest gripes too (besides extremely short battery life). How could it go from something so simple and efficient on theTreoto something that is so cute and useless on the Pre? No sorting by due date? They appear to be in some random order. And no recurring tasks anymore?

My husband loaded the Classic emulator and got his tasks working, but he had to do a hard reset due to the multiple other Pre problems he is having, and there was no backup for any of the emulator apps. He lost anything he had done in his task appafter it was installed.

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