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The Palm Pixi


The Palm Pixi

I am getting the Palm Pixi. Should be here in about 9 days. I have seen good and bad reviews about it. I am hopeful that the phone does better for me. I dont plan on having a lot of apps for it. I just want a basic phone that is stylish and nice, but basic. Would this be a good phone?

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The Palm Pixi

Phone is hard to use and drops calls all the time.  Don't waste your money!


The Palm Pixi

First, welcome to webOS!  Given your basic needs, I think that you  will find the Pixi is satisfactory.  I think that have similar basic  needs as you (phone, email, web browsing, texting, Netflix queue  checking), and I have been happy with my Sprint Pixi for the past two  years.  You can't find a better user interface in those Android phones  or in the iPhone.  This is not to say that the Pixi has no problems; the  main problem is poorly optimized software making the Pixi somewhat  slow.

Although you may find that the Pixi's speed is adequate straight out of the box, I would recommend that you install Preware (goto link and use instructions for "Installing Preware with standalone installer"):

You  can think of Preware like an App Store for custom-made applications  (free, but donations appreciated).  Next, you should install Govnah (see instructions below):

Govnah allows you to monitor and control aspects of the Pixi's  hardware such as CPU speed.  The instructions above also have you  install uberkernal.  Do that too if you haven't done so  already.  You can choose one of the pre-existing presets like "Fixed  Speed 600" or customize your own.  But if things are getting too  technical, stop here.  This version of uberkernal is stable enough and  will prevent you from getting the "too many cards are opened" error.   However, if you want to squeeze more juice out of your Pixi, then  continue on by installing some experimental software.  First, you'll  need to set Preware to look for the experimental software:

Install  the "ALL" and "Pixi" feeds and then follow the instructions for the  "Kernal Testing Feeds."  After you're done setting this up, open Preware  and search for uberkernal again.  You should have the option to update  your pre-existing installation.  Once you've completed that and  rebooted, open Govnah and select a preset (or make your own).  I  recommend "OnDemandTcl 806."  Congrats, you have successfully overclocked your Pixi!

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