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Touchstone Fun


Touchstone Fun

Well a few months back (in October) I came across a great deal on a Touchstone set, I went and bought it thinking id set it up and it would work. no luck. well I talked to Palm online thorough their Chat and they told me to take it to the sprint store. So I took it to the Store in Tysons Va and they were a great help, eventually giving me a new base. I was still having the issues (ding charge, ding charge, not charging all they way) so I ordered a new back from Amazon and that didn't help so I returned it. talking to Palm again they decided it had to be my phone, so I took it to Best Buy and used my nifty Black Tie Protection Plan to get a brand spanking new phone out of a new box that was still sealed, cost me ten bucks. i was happy as this took care of those small little cracks/scratches on the upper left of the screen (im not sure if they were cracks or scratches lol) and at the expense of setting up my e-mail and contacts again and the loss of about 25 pictures I had a shiny new phone. now get this, it still wasn't working right, so i again fired up the laptop and chatted with Palm, the guy told me this, "the phone should not be charged over the night" and that i should take it off the charger after 2 hours. after about ten minutes of arguing over this he conceded that the base must be bad. they are sending me a new one for free. so I am on my Third base, second Back and Second phone, to get a good idea to work. im starting to lose faith in palms new Touchstone Technology, I fear that this is a flawed system that never did work, and wasn't designed to be used overnight, but rather at your desk at work or something, too bad no one as said that and hundreds if not thousands of people are now out anywhere from 70 to 100 dollars for a system they wont use...


Re: Touchstone Fun

I haven't had any issues with mine at all. None of my co-workers that have Pres have had issues either. We have had to replace our store's demo touchstones once, but considering the abuse they take on a daily basis from customers, I wouldn't say that is unexpected.

Now that being said, unfortunately I don't really know how to troubleshoot the issue either, apart from having another Pre with base and back that you know work and swapping the items back and forth to see when it doesn't work.


Re: Touchstone Fun

I understand that it is a hard issue to trouble shoot, ive been to the sprint store, ive tried many bases and phones and backs, the only thing i get out of it is that sometimes they work and sometimes they dont this is compounded byt the fact it only happens when the phone is fully charged and when being tested they only check to see if it charges at all. i have a feeling that it is actually a software issue in the backplate (there appears to be a small chip that i assume contains some sort of power management software) and if that is the case im not sure it will ever be fixed. Palm has been of some help and Sprint has been of much help. im just frustrated at how long it is taking to get the system to work. with any luck ive just had two bad bases and the third will work (im still waiting for it) im also not sure if they are sending me a backplate as well as the system is sold in so many configurations its hard to know what they consider the "touchstone system". im crossing my fingers that this one will work and i will be done with all of this though 😃

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