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Treo 600 problem, HELP!!!


Treo 600 problem, HELP!!!

I have a Treo 600. Phone works great, as long as it is plugged in to the charger. Once I unplug it, I can't receive or make calls or anything. It says No Service. I have tried resetting it, but it didn't make a difference. Any suggestions please????

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Re: Treo 600 problem, HELP!!!

The 600 is an older model phone. I'm wondering if the battery could be so weak that it will not allow calls. (There is a data protection feature which turns off normal use when the battery is low.)

Before actually replacing the battery, here is a technique which may restore its capacity:

*Remove the battery from the device.

*Carefully clean the contacts on the battery, using a pencil eraser. Also gently rub the eraser across the contacts in the phone.

*Re-install the battery in the phone and charge to FULL condition.


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