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Treo 650 VersaMail reboots/restarts phone


Treo 650 VersaMail reboots/restarts phone

VersaMail causes my TREO 650 to reboot. I have exhausted both Palm's and Sprint's support forums, and tech support. My phone has been at a Sprint repair shop for the past two weeks and they cannot fix. Has anybody found a permanent solution?

Looking through the forums, this has been an issue for Palm for over five years. I just recently (this year) started experiencing the problem.

My husband has a T-mobile Blackberry through his employer that seems to work great. I love my TREO, but when you realize you bought a Pinto, you're not so quick to go out and buy 'the new and improved Pinto' with the same problems.

How about giving us a fix, or removing the application and stop advertising it.


Re: Treo 650 VersaMail reboots/restarts phone

I don't know whether you sync with palm desktop or not. If you're syncing your info with palm desktop, there may be a corrupt backup file. If you're not syncing then delete that email a/c and re-enter the email a/c info  or perform complete reset on the phone.


Re: Treo 650 VersaMail reboots/restarts phone

Hello, sorry for the inconvience, just to give u some insight on what could be going on, u could actually have a corrupt backup file. So what u can try is to back up your info (do a Sync to your pc) reset the phone, (##786#) dont sync your phone back to your pc until u try to acess the versamail if it works then u want to resync your info back to the phone from your pc and try to acess the versmail again if it reboots the phone then u do have a corrupt backup file. To fix that u would need to go to My Computer on your pc (double click on it) and then go to Prgm Files, and then look for your Palm folder and open it and then look for your username folder open it and find the backup folder and create a new backup folder, once u have created a new backup folder resync your phone and this should fix the issue. Have a good day

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