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True MMS Inbound and Outbound or PictureMail for Pre


True MMS Inbound and Outbound or PictureMail for Pre

As an unhappy BB8330 customer because of inbound PictureMail I hope that Palm and Sprint will not be using PictureMail with the Pre.

Any word on this? Will it be TRUE MMS or PictureMail related like the botched upgrade with the BB's?

Just saw where the New iPhone will be coming out in June with True MMS now. Looks like Apple and AT&T listen to their customers. (HINT TO SPRINT)

I like the look of the Pre I only hope Sprint doesn'twaste this opportunity like they are so good at doing normally.

Thanks in advance to the answer when and if available.


It only took Apple 2 years to get MMS support on the devices (among other things like cut/paste), and three major OS upgrades. All AT&T phones use MMS as it is so its not a matter of a PicMail vs. MMS issue with AT&T devices. With Sprint the devices are made to use the PictureMail service, not standard MMS. The MMS outboud on the Blackberries is the first step toward hopefully a full MMS solution in/outbound for all devices in my opinion. The exception is the Nextel iDEN devices which have always had MMS support.

As for the Pre specifically we don't really know since information is still limited and probably will be for a while still, if not up until the device is released.


If you go<a target="_blank" href="">here</a>and click on the technical specifications, it shows messaging as "Integrated IM, SMS and MMS". So I assume that that means it is true MMS, not the picturemail service.


HC I don't want to turn this into another thread on how behind Sprint is with phones andMMS issue. But since you seem to wanted to compare.....

Does the Sprint have TRUE MMS on the Blackberry? Answer NO!

Does AT&T have TRUE MMS with the Blackberry? YES!!

Does AT&T have TRUE MMS with the iPhone? NO!

Will AT&T have TRUE MMS with the iPhone3.0? YES!!!

Does Sprint have TRUE MMS on the Blackberry? NO!! (Worth repeating)

WillSprint have TRUEMMSby June when the iPhone comes out? Very Doubtful!!

In fairness

Is Sprint ahead on the 4G network development? YES!!


Well, complete fairness would jsut be stating the facts that are true about everyone...

Does AT&T have true MMS available for all devices? YES.

The iPhone's lack of MMS was a decision made by Apple, not AT&T. They did not include an app for it because they believed the other features of the phone made up for it, but have learned, as Sprint is learning now, that MMS is a big deal for users. Had Apple made an app for it AT&T could have turned it on on day one, as is evident by the fact that if you had cracked the phone, and then put on a third party app, and called AT&T like I did and add MMS to your account by telling them you have another phone that you sometimes use and you swap the sim card back and forth kind of often, MMS did work. It was just an Apple shortcoming, so you can't say it took AT&T that long and three software upgrades to get there, it was all Apple's fault, as was the crippled bluetooth stack that wouldn't allow anything except mono bluetooth headsets even though the hardware is fully capable of every bluetooth mode there is.

4g network? Yes, sprint is ahead on deployment, but Verizon's will be nearly 10 times faster when it is deployed. And AT&T, while behind of both of them, has shown that they have the technical skills to make much better use of their data network by offering full motion video streaming between phones in a call.

Sprint's MMS shortcomings, and soon their 4g shortcomings, are entirely self inflicted and are not because of things that the hardware developers decided to do. Sprint chose the type of 4g network they would deploy, and they decided to use picturemail despite the numerous requests to switch to real MMS like every single other carrier uses. So to be really fair to everyone, place blame where blame is due. Everyone else's problems in the MMS arena have always been caused by devices, Sprint's have been caused by their own network.

Oh, and that feature list on the Pre that includes MMS? That's from Palm. Just like the 8330 says it can do MMS too. True only if the network supports it. The Pre will probably have the exact same MMS style that the 8330 has when it comes out.


When the Pre launches, I plan on jumping ship, mainly because the browser on that thing is 100x better then the piece of crap browser that comes with the Blackberry Curve phones.

Also there have been a couple of scenarios where I really needed to use my Blackberry for GPS direction but couldn't because RIM experienced yet another outage when I was relying on them. I'd rather cut out any extra middleman if I can help it. From what I've seen regarding the Pre, there doesn't seem any 3rd party service (or middleman) involved, so I'm to assume that any application I use will be routed directly to their servers through Sprint's network.

In regards to MMS, if Sprint is advertising the phone to have MMS as a feature, then it better be the real thing and not that Picture Mail crap. If not, they have the legal obligation to change it to say "Picture Mail" and not decieve their customers (again) like they did with the Blackberry community...

Message Edited by Mitalis on 03-30-2009 01:45 PM


I was not surprised at all to see my previous, completely factual and provable post, deleted.

Suffice to say, for some reason that no one will tell us, Sprint has no intention of getting rid of Pic Mail no matter how many people complain about it, and having it on their network precludes the possibility that a true MMS solution could work.

I will give Sprint this - Thus far I have not seen them actually say the Pre will do MMS on their network. But I say that because I haven't seen them actually say that the Pre will do ANYTHING on their network. They have only released the same information as Palm, to show the phone's capabilities. They have not made any claims yet about which specific features they will support. Whether you find that deceptive or not is up to you.

With their financial state as it is, the rate that they have been loosing subs, and the backlash from bb users over this sort of thing previously, I think they will be very careful about what they say as they get closer to launch. The Pre ads will probably have more content written by the legal department than the marketing department.

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