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Unable to download Facebook App on Palm Pre


Unable to download Facebook App on Palm Pre

I removed the Facebook app from my palm pre and after further consideration wanted to reinstall.  I navigate to the app and select download and then nothing happens.  I spoke with Sprint support this evening and they ran updates to my device but still couldn't download the Facebook app.  I was able to download other apps however.  Anyone else experiencing same?  Aware of a fix? 


Re: Unable to download Facebook App on Palm Pre

Make sure you've got a recent Backup (check backup app) and then do a Full Erase/device reset (Device Info, Restart options).  This will wipe your phone but if you're backed up the restore process is relatively fast. You just have to sign back into your profile(Email Address and Password) and wait for your apps to be restored, then re-enter your account passwords for all your accounts.  You should then be able to download the Face book app again and it should work.

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