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Upgrading from Centro to Pixi


Upgrading from Centro to Pixi

I am upgrading from a Centro to a Pixi. My Centro has been a very good phone and I have had very few problems with it. My question is how do I move things from my Centro to my Pixi, including ringtones downloaded from Sprint Digital Lounge? Is it best to do it through download or beaming? If they are locked on my Centro, is there any way to move them? Some are recently downloaded and I would hate to have to pay for them all over again.

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Re: Upgrading from Centro to Pixi

Sorry, but you're not going to transfer much over to your Pixi.  One thing though, you will appreciate everything about the Pixi.  The Pixi doesn't use the digital lounge, you will purchase items from the Palm Store and from Homebrew (if you install it).  Ringtones are not transferable, unless, they are mp3 format.  If they are, you can transfer them to your desktop, then complete a usb sync to your Pixi and place them in that device.  A great site to go to is  There are tutorials and guides to assist you.  Another great resource is the support tab at, many videos and lessons to help you with the transition.

You are going to love the ability to multitask.  I never thought I would, but now if I play with another phone, I get frustrated and it's limitations.  Congrats to you.

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