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WebOS Update deactivated my phone


WebOS Update deactivated my phone

Has anyone else had this happen?

I recieved my Palm Pixi last night and went through the whole process to activate it, new plan and everything. It was working fine at 6 PM, the time of activation. Then at midnight I was alerted to a software update. After 15 minutes to download and another 5 minutes to restart, the phone only worked for a few minutes. It then deactivated. Instead of the upper left corner saying "Sprint" and the upper right corner saying "Ev" it said "Palm" and "R," respectivly.

I've already been in contact with Sprint customer service. They tried for an hour to get it working again, to no avail, and are sending a replacement phone.

I'm just wondering if this had happened to anyone else after updating the software because my mom just ordered the same phone and I wouldn't want it to happen to her or to me again when my replacement phone arrives.


Re: WebOS Update deactivated my phone

ive had a similar issues. downloaded palm web os and imedietly lost web service. i still have a sprint logo at upper left corner but no ev icon. i went through all of sprints suggestions and know can not even access my profile to get the phone back operable. all i have is emergency dial. im pissed. sprint knows nothing, all tech personel are reading from an sop manual, i can do that. web os is the problem do not download if youve not done so. at least i kept my verizon acct open and still have use of a phone. so far sprint has been zero help. at least b4 their "help" i had a phone that would send and recieve phone and text. now i have a useless piece. thanks tech support


Re: WebOS Update deactivated my phone

Guys this is a easy fix, Open the launcher>Device Info>Reset Options>Full erase, It will reset it to factory settings. If that don't fix it visit the WEBOS Dr. It will reflash the OS. There is nothing physcial wrong with either of your phones, It just had a brainf&rt upgrading.

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