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Went from Blackberry to Palm Pre - totally confused - please help!


Went from Blackberry to Palm Pre - totally confused - please help!

I bought this to use as a work and personal smart phone.  Let me preface this discussion by letting you know my company does not have an IT person (which is a whole other issue!).

I managed, after several hours this morning, to get my email to sync.  My company uses Outlook on a POP3 server.  I tried several different ways to get my work email to sync to the Pre.  After several attempts, I finally got it to work by telling the Pre I was using an IMAP server and changing the option in Outlook to extend the amount of time an email stays on the server.  Not knowing the difference between a POP, an IMAP or any other server for that matter, I still don't understand how I got it to work, but it does.

So, the next step is contacts and calendar (again through Outlook).  The Sprint salesperson at the store transferred my contacts from my Blackberry to the Pre, so at least I can make a phone call and send an email.  Now, I just need to figure out how to sync the Pre with my Outlook calendar.  I tried adding my work account in the calendar options, but it only gives me Palm Profile as an option.  If I try to Add An Account, it tells me my work account already exists, but won't let me use it as an option for the calendar.  From what I can gather, it seems maybe I need a Microsoft Exchange to do this?  Since I don't have this, it looks like I can sync my Outlook calendar to Google and then sync it to my Pre?????  Can someone please explain?  Also, if this is the solution, can I also do that with my contacts?  Then there is this PocketMirror option, what is that and should I be using it?

One more thing - is there a battery upgrade available for the Pre?  It seems to use it up pretty fast.

I think I can learn to love this phone if I could only get it to work for me.  Please help!  Thanks!!!


Re: Went from Blackberry to Palm Pre - totally confused - please help!

Here is a good Blog item for syncing the Pre.

As far a batteries are concerned,,,,, sells a 1350 mAh battery but it is only marginally better than the stock battery. I always have a spare with me.


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