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What's your favorite "old" Sprint phone ?


What's your favorite "old" Sprint phone ?

I'm just sitting here patiently awaiting the arrival of the "King/Queen" of ALL The new Samsung Galaxy Note II (SGN2/GN2) due to arrive at your local Sprint store by this coming Thurs. 10-25-12. I was just wondering what exactly has been one of your favorite or most memorable Sprint device ? Just a quick run down of my device history. I've been with Sprint almost 10 yrs. I've pretty much been a Palm crazed FAN until HP bought Palm & decided to quit making cool Palm I switched over to my very 1st Android Device the HTC Evo 4G over 2yrs ago. I'll admit I am now an android fan. But, still sad that Palm was bought & doesn't make phones anymore Nonetheless, I'm not a "techie" type person but one device really made an impression on me over this decade I've been with Sprint & it was the launch of the Palm Pre. The reason I like this particular device is mainly because (if you're familiar with it) I could have multiple cards up at any given time. I could have one card up on a call, another card up checking my email, another card up sending a text and so on & so on up to eight different cards LITERALLY doing 8 different things all while on a call. Just very impressive. I'm sure you get the picture. Also, if I'm not mistaken it was the very 1st Palm device to launch on a Palm web OS which btw was AWESOME. I LOVED this particular device & all it had to offer. Oh & I will had it had one the VERY BEST stereo headset that ever came with a device. I still use them on other items around the house like my tablet or laptop etc...Tell me what is your most memorable Sprint device ?


Re: What's your favorite "old" Sprint phone ?

I was personally a fan of the HTC Touch Pro 2.  That was a fantastic phone.   Glad you were a fan of the pre.  It was a great device as well. 



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Re: What's your favorite "old" Sprint phone ?

Thx Fergie_B, I had the pleasure of having the HTC Touch Pro 2 as well. I like that the screen tilted up so you can watch videos, movies, ect... It was a very versatile device. If I remember correctly I used my upgrade to get the Touch pro 2 & like 6 months later the Palm Pre came out & I of course I had to pay the high cash price for But, I was really glad I did. Because it made a real impression on me ! Thanks for your reply

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