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Why have you moved all talk of WebOS here

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Why have you moved all talk of WebOS here

Please tell me why you would move all WebOS posts out of the general population of the Forums?  It seems like you are trying to put a lid on this outpouring of concern.  I don't think its asking to much to get a clear answer from Sprint on the future of WebOS on the network.

The biggest reason people are angry is the lack of communication.  I know a web poll or spamming your Facebook page isn't going to change your long term strategy and it seems like 4G phones are a good marketing point for you with 3M sales expected this year so it makes a lot of sense to make android a priority but not at such a cost.  My advice is don't just chase the most profitable new thing, respects this large block of people who pay the bills every month.

WebOS/Palm users are very Sprint centric due to your close relationship in the past.  Many will follow them over you especially if you don't even respect us enough to answer our questions after we have so dominated your web presence for the past month with questions about our future with your company.

Please give us the respect of an answer.

Thank you,


Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Why have you moved all talk of WebOS here

This *is* the forum for WebOS (Palm Pre, Pixi) discussions.  Been that way since the Palm Pre first came out.  We haven't moved anything - just put a pointer to it on the front page so more people can find and talk about WebOS and the new Palm / HP phones and devices rumored to be coming out.

I'm a Palm fan too - I've been using handheld Palm solutions since the Palm Pilot days in 1996.  Switched to the Apple Newton in 1997, then the MP 2000 in 1998.  Went back to Palm when the first Kyocera Palm phone came out.

Thanks for your comments and feedback!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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