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hey sprint we all loyal customers wanna let you know that we are watting for palm pre 2 or c40,


hey sprint we all loyal customers wanna let you know that we are watting for palm pre 2 or c40,

whatever is gonna be called  just dont let us down by not offering  i belive  that every person that has tried the palm pre or pixi   believes that web os is the best mobile plataform    so please  we want  to know a date already when  is the next webos device is coming

if you also  wanna get your hands on the next webos device then sign  here sprint  knows that there are lots of people watting for this to happen


i check the news everyday eagerly anticipating some kind of statement from sprint regarding a new palm device! hurry sprint before you lose me to verizon!


If nothing else, I'm doing what I can to make our quest for new WebOS devices on Sprint visible at upper levels.

Yesterday it was while talking with Sprint Executive and Regulatory Services about another problem (and they were already aware of the demand as they had been getting requests via Sprint's "Ask Dan" program).

Before that it was on Russ McGuire's blog (Sprint VP) just to get his attention on the request - http://mcguireslaw.com/2010/10/07/observations-devices-october-7-2010/

And just today on Russ' blog again, I mentioned the Palm Pre II - http://mcguireslaw.com/2010/10/28/apple-suffers-from-big-bell-dogma/

Take care,


baw_bee.gif "They killed Buzzy!" "You b_______!"


Sprint -

I am quite surprised that I had to see Verizon get the Pre 2 and rumors that you chose not to pursue the Pre 2 for us (your customers).  But I gave it a thought and came up with could be a plausible explanation, based on things I have heard/read.

Assertion 1: It is all about the money

I keep reading how Palm Pre users have switched over to the EVO to get a better phone - based on the fact that Palm Pre users may be tech early adopters, moving to your first 4G phone may have been the switch to get more money (for the $10/mo upgrade for the EVO dataplan) and the additional services that the EVO provides which allows for additional value-added services (e.g. the hotspot service for $29.95/mo).  With the Palm Pre, neither option is available.

Assertion 2: Sprint and Palm are not as close friends as they once were

Being burned on the first launch of the Palm Pre - both Sprint and Palm may not trust each other and would rather work with a partner they had good experiences with (Sprint w/ HTC and Palm/HP with Verizon).  Which is a sad state of affairs since there are a slew of Palm fanatics that need/want the upgraded system.

Assertion 3: Maybe, legally, Sprint can not respond

Because of the Verizon launch, Palm (and Sprint) are not allowed to announce the Sprint launch of the Palm Pre 2 since it would violate the time that Verizon needs to hav to acquire some of the Sprint customers to their network (and frustrated AT&T customers) with the newest toy.  This is the most likely reason for the lack of communication - but as a customer, I hate this.

I am saddened because I have been a loyal Palm and Sprint customer for over 10 years - I was using the Palm 1000 when it first came out and even moved to the 650 and 700 series when the phones came out. 

What is also incredibly disappointing is that no Sprint employee has even responded on any of the relevant threads or done any PR to help us (the stranded Palm customers) understand what is going to happen.  This is now over two weeks and nary a word - aside from a rumor that Sprint will have the Palm Pre 2 in December (supposedly).

Will anyone get off their duff and answer?  Please.

I agree and understand your assertations.  I also think it is very frustrating that no one at Sprint will comment on any of the threads concerning this problem.  Maybe, hopefully, you are right and they are legally not allowed to say anything about when they would be launching the Pre 2 at Sprint... but they could at least calm some of our fears that we are going to be skipped again.  I have heard so many rumors about Sprint getting and not getting the Pre 2.  That it will be December or the newest rumor, not before Q3 2011.  If that last rumor is TRUE, they are going to lose a lot of loyal customers.  I could wait till early 2011.... but another year of this?  I cannot do.  They need to do or say SOMEthing to satisfy their loyal Pre owners especially, those with launch day Pre's.  Above, someone said what is the good of being a Sprint Premier Customer if they do not even TRY to offer the phones we want and I couldn't agree more.


I too have been a long-time Sprint customer along with my wife and daughter.  The Palm Pre is the first cell phone that I have ever owned that has made me feel like I want to keep it more than one year and the only phone that has the feel that it could go much longer than the typical 2-year contract.  Come to think about it, perhaps that is why Sprint doesn't want to carry the Palm Pre any longer.  🙂  But I know that can't be right as I have heard that the Palm Pre has not worked so well for some of their customers, but mine had been pretty nearly flawless.  Yes, there are a number of issues with this phone (or rather the current operating system) that could stand to be upgraded.  Like allowing the accelerometer to work in e-mail messages so that you could read them in either portait or landscape mode, providing the option to have more than 3 screens of Launcher icons, fixing the battery life (I have 3 batteries and some days if I use the phone extensively I have to switch out to my 3rd battery), upgrading the Word/Excel (and perhaps Power Point) programs so that we could edit and create on the Palm, etc, etc.

If Sprint does not continue with Palm (and if Sprint doesn't come out wiht a game changer; which I don't see happening) then I will have to give some serious consideration to changing carriers.  That will be tough as I have by in large been quite satisified with Sprint over the past decade, but my phone is so much more important than the carrier at the end of the day that I will not compromise on my personal satisfaction with my phone just to stay with a particular carrier! <flame off>

OK, now I have that off my chest.  I am not naive enough to think that this will change anything, but I see that there are many other like-minded Palm Pre supporters out there so who knows, perhaps the cummulative voice will be heard.  Stranger things have happened I guess.



My Palm Pre does all the things you are asking for!

There is a dedicated community that has tremendously extended the stock capabilites of the Pre

The main application that is the gateway for this is called PreWare. It is a free application that will organize and install patches and programs for the Pre.

http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Application:Preware  has instructions on how to install and use the program

Once installed, this application factilitates the over-the-air updating and installation of many applications and modifications for the Palm Pre, The vast majority are provided without charge.

It is maintained primarily by the WebOSInternals group.

There is discussion for the WebOSInternals group at PreCentral


And you can find more general information about software for the Pre at


It is the efforts of this group that has incredibly released the power of the Palm/HP operating system. The Palm/HP staff is cooperative of their efforts.

If you install this, you will find patched that allow e-mail in landscape mode as well and many other options for handling and reading e-mail.

You can have up to 10 pages of launcher, with page titles and instant navigation to the pages. There are programs that give you the ability to fine tune your battery usage by switching services and applications based on location, events time of day etc.

I hope you find extending your Pre as pleasurable an exercise as I have.

Good Luck



Sprint I'm wait for this: 

                                 HP Palm Prelude with WiMax



DBTRADE, I have to agree that PreCentral has a tremendous load of worthwile tweeks and apps readily available for the Pre.

I use a number of them myself, and in fact some of them are why I can fairly heavily use my Pre and still have some batery left at the end of the day... I can turn the heavy power users on and off easily and instantly rather than letting them run when not in use.


I'd hate to lose what I have on my Pre, not just because of the investment in time and money, but from the pure usability of WebOS.



I have 3 Palms on my shared plan. I've seen the Androids&iPhone but really dont see myself upgrading to anything other than webOS. Unfortunately I have reason to believe that we won't be getting anything till at least 6 months from Sprint. That plus the $10 increase for new smartphone activations is making a 4 year sprint customer reconsider my network of choise. I wonder who I will be more loyal to, Palm/HP or Sprint, when my contract expires. I dont know yet.


Is there any reason to think that Sprint will ever offer another WebOS-based phone? I haven't seen any indications.


I broke my Palm Pre by dropping it 3 weeks ago and tried to hold on to my 1.5 year old Pre. I got the HTC EVO, and I have not looked back. I am a die hard WebOS fan but getting the EVO had so many great things, I could overlook the op system differences.

Even if WebOs comes out with a phone, I may stick with Android because the number of applications pleases me more right now than whether I can open multiple windows or not. The industry has catered to Android and iPhone apps and I was missing out being loyal to Palm.

I will however get my webos fix when the tablets come out....but I am NOT unhappy I went Android....clunky and all but powerful in so many other areas that makes the OVERALL experience worth it....


It's True.....I have been a loyal customer to sprint and palm but I'm also wandering who am I going to be more loyal to. If Sprint doesn't consider giving its web OS customers something new then I guess I will have to change carriers Im still going to have to pay 10 extra so why not switch?(I just don't want and Android)!

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