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palm pre charging problems


palm pre charging problems

phone (palm pre) wont charge in car.  only charges when both car charger AND aux cable are plugged in.  wont charge if only car charger is plugged in.  also wont charge using other adapters (blackberry, ps3).  are there settings i need to adjust? palm is pissing me off. stuffer!


Re: palm pre charging problems

there are NO(edit) settings you need to make,  I have read in other forums ( that some off brand chargers don't deliver enough "juice" and don't charge the pre.   have you tried reseting your phone (either pulling the battery or holding down the power button and following the prompts) I have found that a simple (although time consuming) reset solves most issues.   Otherwise I suggest heading over to, its the largest webos forum there is.   good luck

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