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pre- activesync with encryption?


pre- activesync with encryption?

I am interested in the PalmPre, but my corp. e-mail will only come to devices that support activesync.  (through outlook)

Here is their exact quote "In an effort to allow unsupported devices access to sync up your Corporate E-mail, Active Sync has been enabled on the Corporate Exchange environment.  If you have a device that supports encryption, you can activate with the following information. To determine if your device is able to run encryption, please contact your carrier."

The corp. office also said "They have however turned on the ‘Outlook Active Sync” for devices that support security.

I have not had luck finding a Sprint employee that can verify whether this is the case with the Palm Pre.

I think the two messages above say the same thing... but need help.

I am thinking of a switch from AT&T, but don't want to go through the trouble unless the Pre can do this.



That is, the device must be set up with a secure password of at least 4 characters and meet the guidelines of Outlook active sync."


Re: pre- activesync with encryption?

I'm thinking it is referring to Exchange access which the Pre does support. Within the corporate environment it is synced through Exchange ActiveSync, and then there's the Outlook Web Access portion for external email. I haven't heard of a mobile device using ActiveSync apart from Windows Mobile devices running Windows XP or earlier, Vista and Win 7 uses Windows Mobile Device Center.

I'm 90% sure they're talking about Exchange support which the Pre does have. The wording isn't exactly the same so I'm not 100% sure but I can't really think of anything else it could be referring to.

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