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problems synching calendar


problems synching calendar

So I finally got my Outlook calendar on my Pre (by using the DTA to my Palm Profile). Now I want to use google to keep my calendar updated. I transferred everything from Outlook to Google (nearly 5000 items) but now my changes aren't showing up on the Pre. Is there a way to make google override Palm profile? The only thing I can think of is starting over, and I'd like to avoid it since it took me over 10 hours to see my calendar and contacts.

Any help is appreciated.



Re: problems synching calendar

You can select which profile is default. Open Contacts - DROP DOWN to Prefs and Accts - Click DEFAULT ACCT - select Google.

I think that is what you were looking for? Hope it is. Use Google Sync to backwards link your Outlook. I am using Palm, Google, Outlook, Fbook and my Pre without a hitch. I have chosen Palm as default since I don't gmail often, only calendar.

Good Luck.

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