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which is better? Pre or pixi?


which is better? Pre or pixi?

Ok so my contract is up pretty soon and I love love love my pre it's so amazing idk how i ever used any other type of phone before.  However, I went to the sprint store to look around just to see what was new and i saw the pixi and its sooooo adorable!  I was told by the employee that helped me, that there isn't much of a difference between the two phones, but i know that he's talking about the technical similarities and not the all around quality of the phone like how easy they are to break, which screen is easier to view internet and movies on.  so i just want to know which phone you think is better?  The Pre or the Pixi because i really like my pre but if the pixi is better because of how tiny it is, and if it doesn't break as easliy as my Pre does, then i want the dang pixi lol...So please let me know!


Here is a link to a comparison, The Pre is better, The pixi is a dumbed down version, The pixi has no wifi, lower camera megapixels, less powerful ram, a little less usable storage. I'd hold off if I was you, Sometime early this summer it is rumored that Sprint will be getting the Palm C40. Not much has been leaked about it though.

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