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Connect with HTC Connect on HTC 10 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

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One of the features I use often on my HTC 10 is HTC Connect. HTC Connects provides high-quality wireless audio, video and photo streaming through the HTC 10 to electronics around your home and car. On the HTC 10, HTC has made mirroring your phone to your TV even easier with Media Gesture setting and HTC Connect.

HTC Media Gesture.PNG

Media gesture has to be turned on to take advantage of sliding 3 fingers on your screen to activate HTC Connect. This feature is easy to turn on if it is not already....

Enable Media Gesture:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Select Display, gestures & buttons
    3. Scroll down to Gestures
    4. Place a check by Media Gesture if not already checked

After validating Media Gesture is checked, swipe 3 fingers up from the bottom of the screen. HTC Connect will load showing the device that are able to connect with. The first time activating HTC Connect on HTC 10 will ask to allow to the phone 3 times. I allowed all to prevent any problems for streaming movies and games on my TV. Once permissions are allowed, select a device to connect with and follow any prompts on the connected device to complete the connection. My TV prompted a Yes & No option to allow my HTC 10 to connect. I use HTC Connect for streaming videos, playing games and reviewing pictures on the phone with my family and friends.

HTC Connect Settings.PNG

HTC 10 offers an option through settings to turn on HTC Connect if the gesture option is not turned on. The same permission approvals are needed when HTC Connect is accessed the first time along with the selection process of connecting with another electronic device. Once connected, everything that is seen on your phone is shared on the TV if that is what is selected

Candy Crush.PNG

One of the games I play is Candy Crush and my daughters like to watch me play it. Sometimes it's a little crowded and hard to play when one is on each side leaning over watching... so I found it easier to use HTC Connect to display the game on our TV for all to watch.... I have to admit I do like playing the game on a larger screen myself.


Google Play Movie & TV is a must have app for my HTC 10 and it is preloaded. The app provides free TV movies and TV shows from time to time along with other online promotions for free movies on here. Living in the country with no cable provider is another reason I use HTC Connect. I am able to stream movies from Google Play Movie & TV to my TV from my HTC 10. There is a large selection of movies to select from although I have my favorites... Transformers is one of them.

For more information on the HTC 10, please visit HTC 10 or stop by a Sprint store to check the HTC 10 other Gesture options available.



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