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Freestyle with Pokemon on HTC 10 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


One of the reason I love Android over any other OS is the ability to customize my phone how I want it and make it mine. Until the HTC 10 came out, all phones have been basically the same gridline layouts for apps and widget.... that is until HTC 10 latest version of Sense changed all of that. HTC 10 comes with Sense 8 and introduces a new way to lookout homescreens with theme option called Freestyle Layout. I recently discovered Freestyle while playing with my HTC 10 and wanted to share this new form of customization.

Freestyle 2.PNG

What is Freestyle Layout:

Freestyle is a new theme option on HTC 10 that allows you to place apps, widgets and stickers anywhere you want without the normal gridline layout seen on all other phones. The theme will provide three homescreens for laying out widgets, apps or stickers on or a combination of all of them. Like most themes, they will come with their own sticker options and resign some of the stock app icons on the phone.

Stickers go along with the theme downloaded to help customize your phone. They can be the add similar to adding a widget or app to the screen by long pressing an empty are on homscreen. A screen will popup to personalize and select Add Stickers. Once a sticker is applied they can be linked to an app and they have the option to hide an apps name (hide label).

After placing a sticker on a homescreen, long press on a sticker to move it. Long pressing on a sticker will populate the option to link or hide label of an app by dragging it up to Link or Hide label. When dragged over to Link the app drawer is pulled up so that the sticker can be linked to any app in the drawer. The linked app can be changed anytime by repeating the Link process.

How to add/use Freestyle Layout

Adding Freestyle Layout is the easy part.... deciding on a theme and stickers can be the harder part of adding Freestyle.

  1. Press and hold an empty space on a homescreen.
  2. Tap Change Home screen layout.
  3. Choose Freestyle layout.
  4. Overview of Freestyle will load with option to scroll through 3 pages or select Get Started
  5. Search for a Theme, download and Apply

Freestyle 1.PNGFreestyle 3.PNG

My daughter really loves my Pokemon theme with stickers and thought it was really kewl to click on Pikachu to launch the camera or Snorlax for Spotify. Stickers give a whole new way of looking at your phone and how to set it up.

For more information on the HTC 10, please visit HTC 10 or stop by a Sprint store to check out Freestyle Layout options available.



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