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HTC 10 - Battery Usage - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

HTC 10 - Battery Usage - Sprint Product Ambassador

     I have had my HTC 10 for about a month and I wanted to now write a formal blog on the battery. HTC gives you a 3000mAh battery. This is comparable to what is in the Samsung S7 and a little bigger to what is in the LG G5. The battery is claimed to provide up to 2 days of use. Now the question is what do I need to do in order to get that full 2 days of use. Well you're not going to like the answer but hopefully you will get some tips on how to extend the life of your battery.

     When you get your new phone if you are like me you install all your apps, you transfer your data and set up the phone based on your preferences. I did just that and have been using my phone quite regularly. I wouldn't say I am a super user but I am a moderate user. Here are the basics I have setup on my phone for regular daily use. I have Facebook with notifications on, I have a few games (Clash of clans, Clash Royale, etc.) all with notifications on. I have 4 email accounts all are set to actively pull new mail as it comes in and show notifications. And few other random apps that also have notifications on. My phone has the vibrating haptic feedback on it is used when touching my finger scanner and enter my initial code for phone access along with making phone calls. Otherwise it is disabled in text messaging and typing emails and other apps. My brightness is not 100% but it is around 70%. I have WiFi and Bluetooth on all the time. I even have several devices paired and connecting every so often, headphone, fitbit, stereo, etc... Now what do you think I get when it comes to battery usage?   I was actually quite pleased.

     For my usage and based on everything I had setup I was able to get a full day worth of my battery. Starting at roughly 0600 am I am able to go through the day and end up by 1030 pm with still roughly 20% battery left. Roughly 16+ hours of use out of which the main culprit of course turns out to be my screen which shows to use about 38% of my battery. My screen shot at night shows my usage.  The only battery saving I have setup is power saver which is automatically set to be enabled at 20%. Power saver is located under power option. It is a tool that can be turned on anytime or set to turn on by itself based on battery level. Once active it will reduce and conserve CPU usage, limits location services (GPS), reduces screen brightness, and disables vibration feedback entirely.  Ultimately just for regular use I was very pleased with my outcome of the battery. Though I didn't get a full 2 days use I was good for my 1 full day. How do I get the full 2 day use, well I wanted to find out.

Screenshot_20160718-073209.png Screenshot_20160719-223627.png

     HTC has along with the battery saver option a feature called "Extreme power saving mode". This feature only allows the use of the phones basic functions phone, messages, mail, calendar, calculator, and clock. It automatically reduces the brightness turns off all vibrations, turns off the data connection when the phone screen is off. Turns of Bluetooth, locations, auto sync, and motion launch and even turns off ALL notification. This feature can be manually activated or again set to activate based on battery level. For this test I enabled it for the day but I do have it set to enable at 5% battery level.

Screenshot_20160718-073217.png Screenshot_20160718-073230.png

     While active I was limited to the apps allowed. I had no additional features or apps to use. I found it both a relief and discerning as I no longer hear notification nor can view them. The notification bar while still able to see was disabled. No swiping down would work as this feature was disabled.

I held this setting for a good part of the day and was amazed at the battery. By 1 pm I was showing to still have over 1 and half days to go. This was on par with the 2 day battery life. In order to see how much a drain all the features enabled I turned off the extreme saver mode and you can see how fast the battery plummets when all my notifications are on, WiFi, Bluetooth, data enabled, etc...  Again my main culprit was my screen.  Though while the extreme saver does show you can make the phone last longer I was kind of disappointed I could not select additional apps to be included for use. Though I understand the reason as this feature is mainly to give you that extra push to keep your phone active should you be in a place without a charger. 

Screenshot_20160712-083112.png Screenshot_20160720-125445.png Screenshot_20160720-212545.png

     Ultimately I was pleased to see that this battery can last for a good days use and yes while under extreme battery saving and limited phone use the battery can ultimate last for 2 days. Some things I would take from this to increase your battery life is to limit the data usage on the device instead of pulling emails set it for push meaning you request the updates. For application reduce or shut off notifications. Turn off features when not in use like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth. Reduce the vibration feedback and finally like in my case reduce your screen brightness.

Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.

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