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HTC 10 Booms That Sound - Sprint Ambassador


The old BoomSound you might remember from previous HTC devices have left the building but that doesn’t mean you won’t find it on HTC’s new flagship device in a new and improved way! The new HTC 10 has a great feature built into the phone and changes how we all listen to our phones sound through our connected headphones. If you are like me and still listen to your phones audio though connected headphones because they are just easier than having to remember to charge those Bluetooth ones, you will love HTC’s new feature.

When I first heard about HTC’s claims of their new and improved headphone audio I was a bit skeptical. I have always gone into a phone and changed the equalizer to make sounds perform better on phones so I wasn’t really interested too much in the way HTC had proclaimed their changes would be, but boy was I wrong. The HTC 10 is equipped with a 24-bit DAC and amp which helps this process of delivering some amazing sound. Basically this tech jargon means that the phone itself has its own dedicated and stand-alone DAC and headphone amp rather than using the one that is provided by the processor. This helps to reduce the amount of noise and crosstalk that other devices may inquire when listening to music though the headphones. Having its own dedicated DAC and amp ensure there is no noise coming from other circuits within the phone and delivers true and untouched sound better than any other device I have seen.

Seriously, this device’s sound quality through my normal and subpar headphones compare to higher end headphones with even better performance. The highs sound high and the lows sound low. It is truly hard to describe how great the sound is without you testing it for yourself but take my word on this, the sound is amazing! I have many favorite songs like most people but when I listen to the quality that this phone delivers while using it there is no comparison anywhere else. The true sound you get of the artist, the instruments, and tempo truly captivate you and draw you into the music like nothing I have seen before.

When you first attempt to listen to music with the phone and headphones, HTC walks you through a few questions to ask what type of music you listen to, what volumes you listen to the music at, and your age. These specific questions help to narrow the gap of sound and frequency that the phone needs to output depending on your tastes. Once that’s done you can truly appreciate the sounds and music as the artist intended it to be!

If you are a music lover and still carry around those headphones in your pocket on your work commute or at the office, the HTC is the ultimate Android device to use for perfect sound quality. HTC has got it right with this thing and helping to manipulate the love of what makes the world go round, I will never listen to music the same again!