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HTC 10 - Boost The Device - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

HTC 10 - Boost The Device - Sprint Product Ambassador


     HTC has gone back to the basics eliminating a lot of bloatware but they did leave a few applications that they felt helped the device function and keep running smoothly. One of these applications is the Boost+ application. In a nut shell this application pulls together multiple features in one place. It auto clears unused memory, optimizes game usage and battery consumption, manages applications based on use, assists in clearing memory and allows additional locking mechanism for applications.

To access this application access your application locker and scroll to this program and click to launch. The first thing you will see is an icon calculating the storage capacity and display what is available. It also computes the memory available and what is being used. At the bottom you are presented six choices (Smart Boost, Game Battery Booster, Manage Apps, Clear Junk, Lock Apps, and Settings).


Smart boost is a feature of the application that will constantly scan for memory that is no longer being used by applications and in essence reclaims it. With so much memory on a device now a days not sure the need for releasing memory is still required to keep the smooth running device. Though it doesn't hurt to release the memory for other applications.


Game battery booster helps to extend battery usage by taking games and optimizing them for use. The optimizer works with the system resources so that when playing games the battery is not being drained and used as much. The application auto finds some games and enables the feature but if the game is listed you can click the radial to enable the feature. You can also add other games or application to be included with the feature. Simply select the plus sign in the top right hand corner and click on the applications to be included in the optimization. Make mistake and added something you don't want just click the three vertical dots to access the remove feature.


The manage applications feature is an exact copy of the one already in the devices settings section except this one does not show system files. You can sort the applications by size, oldest use, and name. To remove application you can then check the ones you want and then click the trash can. One advantage with this application you can remove multiple applications at a time rather than one at a time with in the stock application removal.


Clear junk feature is just that it grabs files from all over whether it be the cached files for applications, downloaded content for temporary use and manually installed files along with again memory used by applications. A graphical display will show you which space is taking up the most memory and storage. To wipe the memory and release the storage simply keep the check marks in place that you want to erase and click the erase icon in the bottom. Make sure if you want to keep something you unchecked the section not wanting to be deleted.


Lock Apps feature is one of my favorites of this application. This feature will allow and additional layer of protection while the device is unlocked. You will be requested to setup a pattern unlock key. Next should you forget the key you can unlock the feature using your google account or answer the security question (when is your birthday?). I used the google account. Next just check the applications you want additional protection with. In the top right hand corner when clicked the three vertical dots is the settings section. You can change your password, change the backup settings, make your pattern visible when drawing or hide it, finally the lock options. Lock options will determine when the application becomes re-locked (on-exit, when screen turns off, or after 3 minutes after screen is off.).

Screenshot_20160710-100054.png Screenshot_20160710-100101.png Screenshot_20160710-100120.png Screenshot_20160710-100124.png  Screenshot_20160710-123627.png

Setting feature for the Boost+ application allows you to select when you are to be notified when junk is over 100 Megabytes to 2 Gigabytes or never. You can limit when notifications are to be sent from 15 days, 1 month, 2 months, or not at all. Pre enabled are the smart boost for memory to continue to run in the background and also Fingerprint scanner with the Lock Apps feature. Users will be able to also use their finger to unlock the additional security feature along with the pattern option.


Ultimately this application ties a lot of features together in one spot to allow easy access and management of both application, memory use, storage, and security. It gives end users the ability to visibly see and handle what is being used on their device. Provides decent feedback of both memory and storage, adds additional application security, and in my eyes completes a well-rounded devices functionality.

Here is a video of how the application works.

Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.

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