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HTC 10 - Onscreen Keyboard - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

HTC 10 - Onscreen Keyboard - Sprint Product Ambassador


     HTC this year with the HTC 10 decided to make a change that would affect the ecosystem of the entire device. They decided to move forward with the times and join the revolution in onscreen keyboards. HTC aligned themselves with the popular onscreen Keyboard maker TouchPal. This was brought on due to its high popularity and extensive features.

     TouchPal is a large player in the onscreen keyboard world. TouchPal has over 50 Million users and an average score of 4.4 out of 5 with over 1 million votes listed in the google playstore. This application has been very successful leader with users. As mentioned its features are what keep users excited in using it. TouchPal is centered on Emoji's. Emoji's are the graphical representation of feelings. TouchPal has over 1000 Emoji's along with extensive collection of GIFs, Emoticons, Smileys and text faces.

     Along with the graphical responses for text TouchPal is very customizable. Allowing the manipulation of keyboard color, wallpaper and layout.   They even have the ability to theme the keyboard to something that which represents you. No longer be satisfied with plain white or black text. Add a little color and splash of you to the mix. With Themes users can decorate their keyboard in a style that represents them. It is fun to use and makes viewing the keyboard quite interesting as you are typing on patterns.

     TouchPal is already active and you probably didn't even know it. As the main keyboard of the phone you use it whenever you are typing. Some features like the Emoji's you may have been using. If not when typing on the keyboard to add an emoji or other icon click on happy face icon on the top right of the keyboard. This will enable you to see the emoji's. Simply scroll through all the various options and click on one to add it to your conversation. When wanting to go back to your regular text click the arrow in the bottom right corner.

Emoji Screenshot_20160725-102923.png

     To access TouchPals other features while viewing the regular text in the top left hand corner of the keyboard click the smiley icon. This will open up the settings section for TouchPal. Here you can change your language profile, add themes, access saved clip board copy's, change layout (size, and view and feel), and even access Touchpals own premium features.  When selecting themes you are brought to TouchPals store. Here you can scroll through various themes to download and activate. Downloaded themes are accessible under the installed tab at the top bar. When downloading you will be taken to the google app-store where the downloads occur. Once installed you can then enable the theme. To enable themes already installed click the installed tab at the top select a them and click enable. It is that simple.

Features and Settings.png Screenshot_20160723-075412.png

Screenshot_20160723-075420.png Screenshot_20160724-161723.png Screenshot_20160724-161933.png

     While in the TouchPal store users can also download additional content. Select from Sub-dictionaries including popular words and terms used in different parts of the country.  Access the TouchPal deals for purchasing products available from the vendor. Finally, select trends to see Touchpals own news repository linking multiple news feeds in one place. 

Screenshot_20160723-080334.png Screenshot_20160723-080318.png Screenshot_20160725-104203.png

     TouchPal is extremely customizable from the themes to the layouts to even how you type, but the customization does not stop there. Access the application settings to be able to add even more functionality to this awesome keyboard. You can access the settings section from with the keyboard. Click the smiley icon on the top, next swipe left and select the settings option. Or go to settings on your phone scroll down to language and keyboard, select TouchPal to access the TouchPal settings.  You have a few options General settings, Smart input, TouchPal Cloud, chinese input, Languages, and TouchPal premium.


In General Settings users can manipulate the keyboard reactions from sound, font style to even appearance. Is the keyboard not responding fast enough lower the delay and make the keyboard work for you. Modify it to be what you want. Next help the application become smarter in providing better responses through the smart Input section. Here you can enable or disable the swiping feature or enable their sentence gesture option to prompt predictive words based on the sentence you may be writing. Modify the dictionary saving methods. Add the option for the keyboard application to learn more of your writing style by syncing itself to your messages and twitter applications.

Screenshot_20160723-074840.png Screenshot_20160723-074820.png

     By learning more of your style will help to provide a better prediction of text rather than random words that don't work with what you are trying to say. TouchPal has a higher method for assisting in texting by allowing user to join their premium program. By joining TouchPals community Touchpal will keep a repository of your dictionary (can be removed at any time), they offer a premium cloud based prediction service that comes with free paid items, and no ads. Though I have not seen any ads in our version probably due to being the standard install keyboard.

Screenshot_20160723-074944.png Screenshot_20160723-074949.png

     I am very pleased with the keyboard choice HTC selected for this device. I am finding it is very intuitive when enabling the features it has for learning and again going through a learning curve with it. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.

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