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HTC 10 - Spigen Slim Armor (Gold) - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey again, everyone!


The HTC 10 is a beautiful device.  It deserves to be protected by a case that will keep it looking beautiful. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that a case will keep it covered up and the beauty won’t be able to show.  I get that, but there are numerous case options available that will help you protect your device and show it off!  I chose a case that does cover up the beauty of the device; however, the case does not really detract from how nice the device is as a whole.

I was the lucky recipient of a Spigen Gold Slim Armor case to protect my HTC 10.  I am normally not a huge fan of cases that are overly protective because they typically add bulk to the device.  However, the Spigen Slim Armor is minimalistic and provides significant protection to my HTC 10.  Plus, the gold color adds a nice touch to the device.

Here is by breakdown of pros and cons of the Spigen Slim Armor.  It’s important to note now that one of my cons is a consistent con across numerous case designs and one that I wish designers and manufacturers would take into account.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad case, just that it has room for improvement.



  • Lightweight 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Provides great grip when holding device 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Included kickstand for watching videos



  • Headset jack opening does not accommodate for larger 3.5mm headphone connections 
    • See my LG G5 blog for details on that as well.  This is a consistent issue with numerous case designs 
  • Power and volume keys are flush and are difficult to use without looking


Clearly the pros outweigh the cons of the case.  However, I did want to talk about the buttons for a minute.  HTC put in some extra design work on the power and volume keys for the HTC 10.  Additionally, the buttons are traditionally easy to differentiate when there is no case. However, with the Spigen Slim Armor, it is difficult to know exactly which button is being pressed at any given time without looking at the buttons at the same time.  I found myself turning my volume down when I needed it up or turning the screen on and off when I was trying to turn the volume up.  I wish that Spigen would have elevated the buttons slightly to allow the user to know exactly which buttons were being pressed. If not elevated, it would have been nice to have a palpable indicator on the buttons.  There exists some engraved icons/letters, but they’re difficult to feel out.


Out of the pros, the durable nature of the case is a significant selling point for me.  I have dropped my HTC 10 at least 25 times in the last six weeks. I am clumsy by nature, so I need a case to help protect my inability to walk or hold more than zero items at a time.  The Spigen Slim Armor really save the day on numerous occasions.  I would watch my phone fall from a 3 – 10 foot drop and anticipate the screen or something being broken, only to find that the Slim Armor protected every square inch of the device from harm. It’s like bubble wrap, but better!  I have some visible scratches and dings on my case, but luckily these are not on my phone at all! The elevated edges around the front of the display help cushion the screen from falls, providing an extra layer of protection.    

The verdict 

You can’t go wrong with getting a case.  Phone prices continue to rise and it is also getting more expensive to repair or replace them.  Therefore, a case is a very inexpensive investment to ensuring your device is protected from drops and falls. I am happy with this case, even though a few minor design issues exist. If I were to rate the case, I’d give it 4/5.   

I highly recommend this case, even with its minor shortcomings.  Anything that protects your phone as much as this phone does is worth the investment!

As always, thank you for reading.  Comment below with your experiences with a Spigen or other case.  How many times have you dropped your phone and have been thankful you had a case?  Or, how many times have you dropped you phone and wished you had a case?


Here are some photos of the Slim Armor on my HTC 10:


Until next time!

~ Troy

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