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HTC 10 - Theme Personalization - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey again, everyone!

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I am a huge fan of being able to change my device on a whim.  I like the ability to make it look and feel different as often as I choose to because I get bored with the same ol’ thing all the time.  That’s one reason why I use IFTTT to automatically change my background image on my phone randomly throughout the day.  However, there is another option that HTC provides that also gives the personalization effect to the HTC 10.


HTC Themes 

The HTC 10 comes pre-loaded with HTC’s Theme Shop to create and download custome themes to change the way the device looks and feels. Themes are provided by HTC or from individual contributions.  You can also create your very own theme for others if you choose.  

HTC themes provide a visual change to the device.  Some themes change sounds and text, where others might only change text and background. Reading through the available themes will give you the information you’re looking for.  I prefer to use themes that change up everything because it makes it feel like a new phone again. The only downside to this is retraining my ears and brain for each new notification sound I receive as a result of the theme change if the theme contains new sound profiles.

How to access  

You can access HTC themes simply by navigating to settings and scrolling to the “Personal” heading and tapping on Personalize. 


Once you’ve tapped on this, you’ll be taken to other personalization options in the device. If you haven’t spent any time in this area of the phone, you may find it helpful for providing various customizations to meet your tastes.  From this screen, simply tap change theme to be taken to the HTC Theme Store. 


You are then presented with the themes provided by HTC, but you can open the left-hand tray to different themes from other people in the ‘Recommended’ section, or you can create your own under ‘My Designs.’ I like to download themes from other people because they’re usually a bit different from the standard HTC themes.  As you can see, there are few different options first shown, but you can find additional by searching or by navigating through the store.  


Once you’ve found one like, just tap the download button.  Once downloaded, you’ll need to click Apply for it to apply to the device.  It will take a few seconds to fully apply to the device.  


Once it’s applied, you can view the various changes throughout the device, such as with backgrounds, font, and other color schemes.   


The HTC 10 is a feature-packed device, and the ability to change themes on a whim make it a great device for people like me who get bored looking at the same colors and icons.  Since HTC allows users to create their own themes, it makes personalization that much better!

As always, thank you for reading. 


Until next time!

~ Troy

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