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HTC Eye Experience - Sprint Ambassador


HTC Eye Experience is a story all on its own. You are the story, it is your story, and everyone’s eye is on you! With HTC Eye Experience you can easily share, create, and show off more than you ever have before. Share your videos on your new HTC 10 with enhanced video calls and HTC 10’s Face Tracking technology while at the same time create selfie effects that allow you to edit all of your own images on the fly, even take selfies with voice commands!

HTC 10 allows its users to take selfies by simply raising your phone, smiling, and snapping a picture or video shot using your voice. You simply smile, stay still, say “capture” or “say cheese” to take pictures with your voice. Or want a video without touching your screen just say “action” your phones selfie camera will take a selfie video all without having to touch a single thing. This is something that I have struggled with when taking selfies of my friends and I. I sometimes feel like I am going to drop the phone when trying to hold the device, get my hand out of the shot of the camera, and then press the button all without shaking the phone too much to have a clear picture. With HTC Eye Experience this takes all of those steps out and makes them easier than ever.

Do you do a lot of video chats with your friends? If so Experience a better video chat session with HTC’s Face Tracking system built right in. If you are with a group of people that are also doing a video chat session each person’s face will be tracked and show up as a grid on the phone rather than a long angled shot, this helps to make for a better personal experience when completing video calls. Do you have a family member that just got the new HTC 10 but doesn’t know how to use it, that is okay with HTC’s Video Chat you can display and show off your phones screen to teach and show others how to do something on their device or how you do things on yours. This is great for all of us and our mothers! I love you mom!


Split Capture allows its users to use both the front and back camera to capture video and photos all at the same time. This is great for individuals filming both themselves and the scene in front of them with a personal commentary all in one shot.

Live Makeup and Photo Booth help you to get your selfie game on! These features allow its users to create flawless photos of themselves and even have the throwback Photo Booth style vintage shots all from your device. If you haven’t checked out the selfie camera on the HTC 10 you are in for a treat when you do! The OIS Face Tracking camera has truly made an impact on my selfie game and it will do the same for yours!