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HTC Themes - Sprint Ambassador



With HTC’s new flagship phone the HTC 10 Themes have been the talk of the town. If you have a newer Android phone you know all too well about the

Themes options on your device, HTC has taken that step a little further with their own way to create, manage, and bookmark the themes you love, want, or

have made yourself.

HTC has taken the literal effect of changing everything on your phone with their Themes. You don’t like the font? Change it, don’t like the icons but love the theme of the phone? Change it! This new feature makes having an Android phone even better because you can literally change everything you want on your device to make it as personal as possible! This has been an option for many Windows computer or Apple Mac users in the past to change icons, fonts, and backgrounds for a while, but phones really haven’t had the option to do so without downloading apps or other software on the device.


HTC has hit the ball out of the park with this feature because there is just so many customization options. This phone will truly be yours, no one else can have the same thing!

This makes for a great advantage to other Android providers and will help to build better customer uniqueness.

The themes, stickers, icons, and fonts all make the device feel different each time you change it. If you are someone that goes through cases because you can’t just decide which looks the best, change your theme! Your phone will feel different, look different, and even make things seem different.

The stickers option allows users to place sticker type widgets on the home screen that blend into the background but when clicked take you to a designated app. This is a really neat feature as it appears the phone has no icons just backgrounds but in truth each takes you to where you want to be all while appearing like a beautiful focal point on your screen.

If you haven’t checked out the Themes section of the new HTC 10, you are missing out! This is a really neat feature that adds to the even better phone that HTC has created this year and makes you feel like a kid again with all the fun you can have by changing each and everything you have on your phone!