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HTC Zoe - Sprint Ambassador


Picture1.pngIf you are like me and hardly use a computer to do anything anymore because of our mobile phones and tablets that are just easily accessible and mobile you will love Zoe. I am not talking about a person when it comes to Zoe, but a video editor that HTC has designed. Zoe Video Editor has been on the Google Play Store for some time and is a great tool to make amazing looking videos and transitions all from your mobile device.

HTC Zoe gives individuals the ability to shoot high-res pictures that will come to “life” with HTC’s self-built transitions and motion gallery effects. You now have the ability to create beautiful running videos that express you and your photos from your day to day life. Zoe helps to make amazing short videos that express yourself, your style, and your shots all in one simple and automated way. Zoe is an amazing creator that helps your share your photos in a professional quality way while at its core making each video unique for you. It does all of this with inserting audio and themes into your pictures or videos and then creating a short snippet of that content to share to whomever! This is great for friends, family, or social media.

If you are a social media junkie and love to sport those photos of your latest vacations or want to be the envious friend with all of the cool videos of your photos and how they are shared, Zoe is for you! This one application will help to create beautiful short videos with lively sounds, themes, transitions, and effects to wow your friends and family. All while at the same time sharing your fondest memories and allowing you to look back on them in a new perspective. So don’t be boring be mobile and be unique with Zoe and its incredible features it offers all from your small device!