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IsThe HTC 10 a 10?


HTC 10 Review

Well it has been no surprise over the last few years that HTC has fallen towards the wayside as other flagship phones have made its way into the spotlight. This rough patch has made many HTC fans switch to the competition; I am in no way stating that HTC makes a bad phone, it has just not been up to par with the other name brand phones we see running our beloved Android on. I have been an HTC fan for many years but ever since my HTC M8 there really hasn’t been a device that has sparked my interest. Will the new HTC 10 stand up to the competition when it comes to their newest model?


Before we dive in head first let’s take a look at the overall specs of this device. The device weights just 161g and feels solid in the hands. The beautifully designed chamfered edges and solid metal unibody make for a really nice looking phone. Of course this type of unibody and design is nothing new for HTC. The 10 really stands out with it looks and feels like a high end device. Wrapped inside this beautiful frame is the 5.2-inch Super LCD5 Quad HD Display that boosts a 565 pixel per inch display and I will be honest the overall look and crispness of the screen is quit stunning. Pictures pop, videos look bold, and the overall screen is perfectly situated within the housing.


When it comes to its performance this phone is fast. I just switched from my LG G5 to thisHTC 10 and not that the LG G5 was slow by any means, but this HTC is snappy and quick. The menus are fast, the load times are quick, and the movement within applications and screens are great. I multitask all the time when working and this phone delivered each and every time with no lags and no issues. The Snapdragon 820 Adreno 530 that’s running everything truly excels where it needs to. The 4GB of ram matched with the Snapdragon processor truly shine within this phone.

The device comes with 32GB of embedded storage with the option to add expandable memory via microSD cards as well as a 3000mAh battery that HTC claims you will get a battery that will “just last and last”.

BoomSound Duel Speakers within the device, though they are a little different than previous years models and do not support the 2 front facing speakers like before. A 24-bit DAC and AMP which delivers some amazing sound when using the headphone jack within the device. The camera sports 12 Ultrapixels for the rear camera with f/1.8 and OIS Laser Autofocus while the front facing camera has a 5MP camera also with OIS, which is a first in smartphones. The phone comes out of the box running Android 6.0 with HTC Sense, which makes for a very easy, simple, and fast experience.


IMG_1842The all metal design that HTC is known for has returned with the HTC 10, the phonesunibody looks good and feels like a high end phone in your hands. At its thickest point the phone sits at about 9mm. I cannot say this enough about the phone, it is just gorgeous! Looking at the back of the device you see the all metal aspect and its beveled edges which add a great handling to holding the device in your hands. Just like any other metal device this thing is slippery to hold but the beveled edges help to add just the right amount of comfort when using it. As we turn the device around to the front we can see a 5.2 inch Super LCD5 Quad HD Display that looks just as good as it sounds. The one thing you might notice as an old HTC user is the fact that the front facing BoomSound speakers are gone, this is a huge change for HTC users and makes for a little different looking device than HTC’s previous models. Though the front facing BoomSound speakers are missing this doesn’t mean that BoomSound is gone all together, the HTC 10’s new design of BoomSound calls for a top speaker located on the front of the screen and a subwoofer located at the bottom of the device. HTC states the new subwoofer will help to deliver lower lows when it comes to the music and I will have to agree with them. The sound that the speakers produce sound crisp, the lows sound low, and the highs sound high. I really liked the sound that the speakers produced but don’t expect to share this experience with multiple people like you could do with your HTC M8; the sound volume just isn’t as loud as it used to be.

Things I Love

Now that you know a little bit about this beautiful device lets talk about the things that I have truly enjoyed using. First of all, the capacitive fingerprint scanner is one of the best fingerprint scanners I have used on an Android Device. It took some getting used to with having a capacitive button that didn’t move when I pressed it, but overall the home button works great. I do find myself sometimes clicking it on accident when surfing the web or playing a game but as far as the fingerprint scanner goes it’s a 10 out of 10

Snappiness of the device. Yes, this device is fast! I have used many other Android devices but by far this thing takes to cake to date. The overall performance of this device along with its specs and internal loveliness just make it a pleasure to use. When it comes to multitasking or playing games the phone delivers where it should and it does it like a high-end phone is supposed to.

The user interface is clean, simple, and not filled with bloat ware.  There is nothing more I Screenshot_20160629-201504.pnghate when getting a brand new phone, turning it on, and then discovering I have about 5GB of bloat ware from the cell phone provider I am with installed on it. The HTC came with stock apps that I could uninstall and hide but didn’t have so much that I felt like I had no room for anything else. The phone just looked clean when it came on and ran like a brand new phone should.

The display, the overall look and how the colors pop on this Quad HD display are truly amazing! Colors, pictures, games, and webpages look absolutely great on this thing! I have played a few high performance mobile games and the colors and rendering of the graphics are truly astonishing.

Boost+, this is a handy application that is installed on the phone that allows you to essentially do exactly what the name calls for… It Boosts your phones performance by cleaning out old applications, left over cache, and any old content your phone may no longer need which in return helps the phone run at its peak condition.

Things I Hated

The Camera. For anyone that has ever used an HTC in the past and knows about the companies use of Ultrapixels you will know where I am coming from. I feel like HTC tries to do a great job with their cameras but always falls by the wayside when it comes to picture quality compared to other devices in the market. The back camera didn’t have a lot of light control and a lot of my pictures came out darker than they should have. Also there were points where I would get lenses flares when there were darker shots with bright lights in the photos.

The front camera was better than other front facing cameras I have used with a 5MP camera that boosts Optical Image Stabilization or OIS which helps to stabilize your videos or picture shots when taking selfies. I felt like the lighting was much better on the front camera than on the back. Though there are many filters and lighting methods built into the device to make your photos and shots better, I really just like a point and shoot camera that I do not have to do a lot of work with to get a great shot.

Battery Life, I am an avid user of my mobile device everyday and I need a phone that can IMG_1845hold a charge all day and then some. HTC states that the phone can get about 2 days of use out of it, but with my experience I could only get a day. I have used the LG G5 and feel like the battery does last a little bit longer than my HTC 10 but overall one day of hard use is pretty decent for a phone. The perk to this device is the fast charging USB 3.0 that I have learned to love. I can get about a 50% charge on my phone in as little as 30 minutes.

So is the HTC 10 a 10?

As far as a flagship phone I believe that HTC has done an amazing job building a great phone. The phone looks pretty, the device handles like a phone of this day and age should, and the internal specs are where they should be compared to other devices on the market. The only downside I see to HTC’s new device is the camera and battery life. Like I have mentioned above I really like the way the phone allows its users to have a quick charge with its fast charging USB 3.0 cable but I really would like a longer run time with my device than I currently get. The camera itself I feel like could be better with some of HTC’s imbedded filters and HDR aperture settings but I am a point and shoot type or guy, where I just need my camera ready when I am, not the other way around.

As far as a beautiful device, the performance it boosts, and the overall quality of the display, I am sold HTC has made a great device. I find myself playing with my HTC more and more everyday and love its snappiness and overall simplistic UI. I feel like the HTC 10 is an underrated device and should really be looked at by Android users as their next phone.