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Setting up Fingerprint Scanner on HTC 10 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

htc 10 silver.pngThe HTC 10 for the last month has been a very solid phone for me. One HTC 10 feature I like is the fingerprint scanner to secure my phone. My phones are used for both personal and business that requires some additional security to keep sensitive work information secure in case my phone is ever lost. Having my phone secured came in handy when I was trying on shoes one day and left my phone on the bench. I saw some guys come in the store and stopped by where I was sitting and sounded all exited like they had found something..... they did. At the time I had not realized I left my phone on the bench and someone had picked it up. I saw the two guys in section of the store looking at a phone and thought nothing of it. When I left the store, I realized I had lost my phone and went back in to see if anyone had turned in a phone. The store employee pulled out a phone and it was my HTC 10. The screen showed number of failed attempts to access the phone.... All my work information was secured with both my fingerprint and backup PIN

Setting up the fingerprint scanner does not take long and provides the ability to access your phone very quickly without having to enter password or PIN.

Fingerprint 1.PNG

Here are the steps to setup the fingerprint scanner....

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Fingerprint scanner
  3. Select Fingerprint Scanner again
  4. Tap Add Fingerprint
  5. One of three lock screen options has to be selected. I went with PIN
  6. Next screen will ask to select option to require PIN before it the phone starts up, select an option and tap Continue
  7. Privacy option is offered next on hot to display items while phone is locked, select and option and Tap Done

Fingerprint 2.PNG

The first 7 steps above go very quickly.... the next couple of steps of actually adding your fingerprint will take a little longer. The scanner requires multiple touches and need to make sure your finger covers the scanner. When the finger does not cover the scanner correctly a red bar is displayed asking to cover the scanner completely. Keep touching the scanner until All Done is displayed. Once completed there is an option to add 4 more fingerprints so I added two more based on how I use my HTC 10.


Now your HTC 10 is setup and secured with both a fingerprint and extra screen lock method of your choice. When the option is selected to hide while sensitive information all messages details are hidden and will require the phone to unlocked with fingerprint or pin to the message. This is the option I use to keep my information secured and at the same time see what type of messages (gaming, text, email, ect) are coming to see if I need to check it out.

Looking for more information on the HTC 10, please visit HTC 10 or stop by a Sprint store to check the HTC 10.



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