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Spigen Crystal Shell HTC 10 Case - Sprint Ambassador


img_1899.jpgCases are essential to my life; I never have a device without having a case on it. As much as I like the feeling of the beautifully designed phone in my hand, I can’t sacrifice the protection I crave in a case. Like most people, when it comes to a case I want the minimalist cover I can get. I do not drop my phone often (knock on wood) and don’t so much need a case that protects my phone from drops as much as need a case that protects from dings and scratches.img_1897.jpg

When I saw the Spigen HTC 10 Air Cushion Crystal Shell case it was love at first sight! It had the simplicity and minimalist design I was looking for in a case with a clear look that helped to display my beautiful new HTC 10. This case truly looks as thin as advertised and feels even better. The case itself has a great slick feel but some texture to give the case enough grip to hold on to at all times while at the same time displaying the simplicity and beauty of my device in its core.

This is not my first and most certainty will not be my last Spigen case. The Drop-Tested Military Grade Air Cushion Technology that Spigen has developed is truly unique and works. I have done several test drops with the case attached to my phone on many different surfaces, from the simple drop on a counter, to the asphalt outside and this case holds up.

img_1900.jpgI have used other clear cases in the past and one thing I have hated with them is scratches. Any of my old clear cases would get scratched from normal wear and tear and the scratches were very easily seen on the outside of the case. The quality and texture that the Spigen case houses makes for one that does not easily scratch. I even tested it with my keys and the case just wipes off and looks good as new.

If you are in the market for a great looking case to show off your brand new phone in, this would be the one! I suggest this case to anyone, even the individuals that drop their phone on a daily basis! If you haven’t checked out Spigen yet I highly recommend them to be a top choice on your list when looking at new cases.