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voicemail icon not working

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Re: voicemail icon not working

lol stop pretending with your lies 64GB lol...You don't even know your own 8XT Specs. WP Central specs that is a incorrect info and yes they do make mistakes sometimes. lol.... Why don't you click on that video link a popular phone survey shows person saying 8XT has NO MicroSD also look at 8XT memory specs i captured on Sprint website Shopping page on 8XT also don't mention it having a MicroSD Card slot. so yes 8XT has NO MicroSD lol...

so yes have fun with your low 8 GB storage low end phone. Look at price of Ativ S Neo and 8XT on sprint store shows you Ativ S Neo is more price because it has more features and more of high end wp8 for sprint. The price difference shows it,

2000 mAh does makes a difference in battery life just because i proved it on showing the 2 images of my battery life usage while your tiny 1800 internal battery is not capable last longer. 

Samsung ATIV S Neo vs. HTC 8XT Dogfight Part 1 - YouTube

Yes my VM and is working fine if I say it's working it;s working I am getting my voicemail messages using visual voicemail. Just because your stuck with your problems of VM don't mean mine is has problems. If you don;t believe than too bad...

I am not going to escalate this further since my Ativ S Neo is working excellent while you can hope yours gets fix. lol....



Re: voicemail icon not working

I love that you posted that video...without reading any of the comments stating that the 8XT has a MicroSD slot...even where Aaron states in the comments he was wrong about it not having a MicroSD slot!

How about this video:  (Start at 2:24 when the specs are posted)

Samsung ATIV S Neo vs HTC 8XT - YouTube

or HTC's own website here:  HTC 8XT Specs and Reviews | HTC United States, where it states it has a MicroSD slot...

or Phone arena:  HTC 8XT specs

or Windows Phone Central's review stating it has an SD Slot:

Anyway...on VVM.

Yes, that all works just fine for all of us too, but if you're not willing to read and find out what still doesn't work, I'm not going to the do the work for you.  (When you figure out that your LED indicator isn't flashing when you get a new message, (it should), or that when you delete messages in VVM, they actually don't delete from your inbox when you call in (they're moved to Saved Messages, not deleted), and a couple other bugs.  This is all confirmed by Sprint, in this thread a few weeks ago btw...they're working on them.)

So...sorry, but not being aware of the bugs...doesn't mean you don't have them.  Like I said, any further spec discussions...I'm on WPCentral.


Re: voicemail icon not working

Feel free to read posts 511-517 on page 35 of this thread for the current outstanding issues...and Sprints confirmation that they're working on fixing them.


Re: voicemail icon not working


I understand your excitement. The new windows UI is pretty sweet. Unfortunately we have no official info on the release of this device at this time. Keep an eye on the newsroom for more info.

Sean L

Social Care


Re: voicemail icon not working

lol like I said no problems on my Ativ S Neo. Voicemail works fine, Notification works on voicemail. Group Messaging works fine. Life good on Ativ S Neo Also again NO Micro SD on 8XT sprint will have posted it on the 8XT description. Also F... WpCentral they make mistake on info. So believe it No Micro SD. End of discussion. And fix your problems...


Re: voicemail icon not working

Its gotta stink being wrong about everything.  Enjoy your non-GDR3'd mid-tier Ativ S Neo, with all the missing VM functionality I detailed before.  My VM notifications work just fine too...nothing to fix except the same stuff you're missing.

What's that next to the SIM Slot?  What?  A microSD slot...0/ sad.  You're welcome to discuss on WPCentral...but you can't seem to find your way over there, wrong about missing VM functionality, wrong about the 8XT.  (As usual)


Re: voicemail icon not working

Hahaha only one that's stink is you. That picture shows international 8XT version lol... that's not US version model hahaha Why don't check sprint 8XT phone description on the shop site it says nothing of micro SD. lol... give up showing me a international model lol... again your wrong again hahaha. Give up. You have US version with no micros and sim card. Hahaha ... don't worry maybe someday you will get one.    And wpcentral I to believe who gives wrong info sometimes and most of them can't even spell right lol...

Wrong again. Give up and go cry because you don't have GDR3 all you have is a sprint firmware update lol.... also laugh at you newbie making fool of yourself and don't realize GDR3 which  most people have it using developers preview is actual file with same features lol... don't be jealous just because my Ativ S Neo is no problems and that you have to have a HTC brand phone which is failing in phone sales. While Samsung again are more profitable in sales. Just compare the prices what sprint sells it for. Yes I'm updated your not. My Apprentice wrongly. Hahaha.. this so fun..


Re: voicemail icon not working

I know its tough...but an 8X (non-Sprint phone) and an 8XT (Sprint US exclusive model) are different phones...see...the difference is the letter 'T'.  You'd know that of course if you went to school once in a while.  End of discussion, trolling reported, you'll be gone soon.  Good bye!  I'm out since you got nothing!! LOL!!!


Re: voicemail icon not working

Hahaha  I win again. And you loser loose again. Don't take it too hard just because you been wrong in first place. lol... troll you are the troll who tried so hard to search on web show me a 8XT international phone model. Hahaha oh how I do love Ativ S Neo with Micro SD and Sim card. Not like you who have to pretend in life thinking he have it on a US 8XT model hahaha. So shows you are so dumb and dumber just like the movie. Yes I am smart one after all. Reporting to sprint for what? Just because you were
wrong all the time. Yup that's using your newbie self.  


Re: voicemail icon not working


(on my android phone with VVM issues, please feel free to not read this message if you are not interested)

2/16/14 – Visual Voicemail STOPPED WORKING!!!.

I have now missed three  Voicemail Notifications.

Sometime last week – things got wonky.

The cassette icon in the left corner wouldn’t go away.  No message on The System or in VVM.  This went on for about a day.  I had made two changes:  1) put the VVM icon on my home screen and 2) cleared the data cache.

2) clearing the data cache cleared out the cassette icon in the corner.  (yay!)


1) seriously? Is it really possible that putting the icon / widget on the Home Screen is what causes the entire App to fail?  ***SPRINTCARE*** please research this***


Still under “All” on “Internal Storage”)


Total storage: 232 KB 

Still nothing saved on The System or in VVM.  All messages deleted as I listen to them)

Today I REMOVED the VVM from my homescreen.

I RESTARTED my phone.

Will report tomorrow what happens today.



(sharing this on other threads.  If the glitch is having the VVM on a home screen -this could be relevant to other platforms.)


Re: voicemail icon not working

So I just got an updated Visual Voicemail.... Seems to have improved the downloading (No authentcation errors), but now I get 3 notifications when someone leaves a voicemail.  One with the name of the contact and then 2 blank with just the voicemail icon.  There is still no push to the live tile, so I don't know how many voicemails there are and no lock screen support.  It has been over 6 months, how has this not been fixed??



Re: voicemail icon not working

Hey! Did you try sending us a private message as we suggested?  If not, please do so; we want to help.


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