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voicemail icon not working

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Re: voicemail icon not working

WI-Heather, I am sorry to hear that your experience has been poor with your voicemail. Please send our Social Care team an email at so that we can escalate the matter. Shall I let the Care folks know that your email is on its way to them? Brittany Sprint Social Care Team

Re: voicemail icon not working


Thank you for responding.  Can you outline what steps 'escalating' the matter will entail?

This problem is widespread.  It is happening on many different phones, on multiple platforms.   

I'd like to know what Sprint is doing to address the problem.


with NONfunctioning VM notification system since at least July 2013.


Re: voicemail icon not working

WI-Heather, escalating allows a "higher up" team to review your account and make any necessary changes or adjustments. We can take a deeper look into the problem and they will then decide the best resolution. Please provide your phone number and account PIN. We look forward to your response. Thanks!

*Sarah Social Care

Re: voicemail icon not working


I've been asking for 'escalating' or 'higher up' since day 1!!!

The only thing they tell me is the same dance we've all done...turn it off, turn it on, update this, refresh that. See if that fixes it and call us if it doesn't.  2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks later, I'm in the same position.  No answers and an Unreliable notification system.  *That I am paying for as a part of my package rate.*

How about we 'escalate this problem' here and now, and find someone that can actually talk to me about this problem?  Telling me my phone needs a factory reset is not acceptable. 

I want to know what the problem is BEFORE we start random trouble shooting steps. 

Until then, I'm going to continue to log my problems on these forums.


with NON functiong VVM since June 2013.


Re: voicemail icon not working

I just learned a new term:  MWI = Message Waiting Indicator.

Last year my HTC EVO 4GLTE randomly stopped notifying me of voicemail messages.  I contacted tech support did a bunch of stuff, updated, turned on, turned off, turned around, did a factory reset.  It worked, sort of, for a little while, and then it didn't work.

A year later... I no longer trust my phone to tell me if there is a message.  If I miss a call, I dial into the 'main system' for playback.

There are several threads covering the steps I've done to try and fix my phone.  I've been in touch with more than a couple dozen 'Customer Care' folks on these forums.  I always ask the same question -can you tell me what 'know about this problem?'.  and nothing, no response - or it's suggested I call in or visit a store. No, done that already.  Watched others not get resolution, why should I waste more of my time. 

So I went looking for the same answers in new ways I came across an App:  It's called "Voicemail Notifier", found it on Google Play.

And here's what it says in the description:

(I'd put a link, but I don't want the editors to delete it. Can you at least leave the info so people can look this up?) 

"Voicemail Notifier was designed to give back users there native and stock voice mail features.  This is especially useful for people who have had there phones flashed / unlocked to another service provider.  This is also helpful for Sprint users, as Sprint has removed the stndard MWI feature.  This app restores this feature. It gives you 100% like stock functionality including voicemail count.  This is not intended to replace your voice mail notification if it is already working."

I'd like to repeat:

"this is also helpful for Sprint users, as Sprint has removed the standard MWI features."

Please note that this app came out in January 2013. 

I would like Sprint to please restore the standard MWI feature.

Thank you.



Non-working MWI since June 2013.


Re: voicemail icon not working


text Chatted with a Sprint Care tech on 4/8/14 and did a network reset.

As previously reported, missed two calls that evening – no MWI.  VVM did not pop up.

But – from 4/9/14 through 4/18/14 6pm, Visual Voicemail worked consistently.  All messages notifications came through promptly, messages played and deleted through VVM.

4/18/14 7:42pm, missed a call.  NO VVM, No MWI.

Dialed into the Main System, there is a message.  Right back where I was last week.

Sprint, what is it going to take for you to address this problem?



with NON FUNCTIONING Visual Voicemail since June 2013


Re: voicemail icon not working

I've been dealing with the Visual Voicemail issues for nearly a year now...  I have no idea what caused it to stop working.  A short recap of my problem, I have the iphone 5s, one day the voicemail notification stopped working and I was unable to select a specific voicemail on my phone.  Then I started getting texts every time someone left me a voicemail, something like this: //ANDROID:MWI Notif turnOn mdn: .... or 1740644XXXX has sent you a Sprint Voice Message. To listen call 650-603-0000 or click http:...  None of this worked to check my voicemail, I had to simply dial my number and listen to every message in the order they came in.  I tried everything, network reset, sprint customer service chat, customer service calls, technical service trouble tickets, even went to the sprint store, nobody had a clue how to fix this, they all said they had never heard of the problem, even though I was able to google thousands of people having the same issue.  Just this week, I called again, when they were unable to help me and indicated another ticket would be opened, I said, no thanks, I'd like to cancel my Sprint service...  The associate then transferred me to "Advanced Technical Support".  He knew exactly what to do and fixed the issue within 5 minutes.  He said somehow, the voicemail that was set up with my phone was not compatible with Iphone.  He completely removed the voicemail and rebuilt it for my phone.  Instantly, everything was better.

So...  call Sprint, tell them you need Advanced Technical Support, the tell them to remove the voicemail and rebuild it from scratch.  Good luck!

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