Ok, so I got the 8XT. I've been a fan on Windows mobile for a long time, starting with the Jornada. And I've been with Sprint for a long time. It took a while for Sprint to come out with the WP8 but I got it first thing Friday morning. Personally, I feel it is a good quality product but still with a few items that could see some improvement. The biggest problem I'm having is that neither voicemail nor visual voicemail push to the live tile. Which makes it impossible to know if you have voice mail. Turn the phone off, someone calls and leaves a VM, turn the phone on, no notification. I made a workaround. I'm using Visual voicemail with an auto forward to my email and then setting my email to push to the live tile. Problem solved but it should work right. Called Sprint, they couldn't fix it. They told me to go to the Sprint store. Went to the Sprint store, duplicated the problem on the display model of the 8XT. Sprint store I should contact Sprint tech support to let them know. Talked to Sprint tech support and they said I should bring it to the store for diagnosis.

On another forum I posted the question and found one other user with the same problem.  It seems to be a bug on the phone.  If a Sprint tech is reading this I hope someone will look into it.