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Arrive the sideways move


Arrive the sideways move

I have had a difficult time with this phone from day 1.  Due to an unforseen accident with my TP2, I chose to use an upgrade in a desperate time of need from Sprint, and without the usual research I do in getting a new phone, decided on the Arrive thinking it was to be the big brother of the TP2.  Afterall it looked pretty close and I liked having the keyboard like with the TP2 for documents and texting.  It would also be nice to use the upgraded touchscreen, a better camera with a flash, and all the other features that I use throughout the TP2.  I thought very wrong.  1) Texting on the Arrive only allows for a 160 character text to be sent at a time, whereas the TP2 (along with many other phones) allows the user to continue typing a text longer than 160 characters, ie shows as 280/320, and strings two texts together to the sender as one text, a feature used a lot by heavy texters like me.  Compounding this problem further is the inability to forward the nonexistent longer than 160 character text, and instead forwarding one 160 character text at a time until your complete message is received by the person in most of the time no specific order. The final problem with texting is the non functioning switch of sms delivery confirmation in the text settings.  No confirmations recieved, ever.  2) The Arrive is incapable of external memory cards.  While not having any difficulty so far with the cloud based system on the Arrive, I cannot use any of the data on my TP2's memory card to transfer.  So bye bye all the music and videos I've paid for & downloaded from Sprint, as well as documents that I will have to find some way of getting off the memory card.  3) The Arrive is not a global phone.  There have been a few occasions where the TP2's ability to work worldwide has been very useful for me.  4) The Arrive's ability to use XBox live for Windows 7 mobile via Zune Marketplace doesn't suite my purposes.  Hang in there with me while I explain.  Today's economy has forced a hand that many of Americans have had to play, and that is to reduce one's debt by any means necessary.  My family and I have chosen to for-go the Credit Card Debt Cycle and therefore do not own any credit cards anymore YIPEE.   I DO NOT want to use a credit card to purchase the music, which I have already purchased previously from Sprint and is currently stuck on a storage card, and/or any games that I choose to purchase and play on XBox live, or any apps through Zune's Marketplace.  That being said, I still want to purchase some of these items because trial versions have downloaded and worked very well, so I tried a different approach.  First, I bought 1600 Microsoft points on a prepaid card and logged into Zune via my phone's web browser (using a newly acquired Windows Live ID (thats an entire other post)), because the phone's app and marketplace wont let you do anything with an account.  I was able to redeem the points with Zune and it automatically transferred to XBox live account showing on the Arrive as confirmed by an auto-generated email in a Hotmail account started by the Windows Live ID during the set up of the phone.  Whew,  still with me? Ok.  Now, believing I had purchased the ability to buy and download apps, music, or games, used the Arrive's Zune's Marketplace tab to search and find a song to purchase.  Clicked on the buy button and it went to Zune's standard screen asking for a credit card with no option to use Microsoft Points or anything else   Same results found with trying to buy a game through the Xbox Live tab, as well as any apps through the Marketplace.  (later online research found out that no one can buy anything with Microsoft points that will work with the Arrive.) Wished I knew that before I bought them.  Ok, the MS points didn't work, so I thought I would try to buy a prepaid card of one month Zune Pass. Same process with the same results, except I used a desktop to redeem the points via Zune website, and the pass did not transfer to the XBox Live account.  Now I'm out $40 with nothing to show for it.  I'm not going to shell out another $20 to buy a prepaid XBox one month pass to see if its going to work because all puchases for the Arrive on the phone's XBox tab are routed through the Zune marketplace anyway.  All of this confusion and inabilites were easily avoided on the TP2 with Sprint Zone even with as bad as it was as my Sprint account that was billed for all content purchased and downloaded and not three or four separate entities owned by a single conglomerate (Microsoft).  5)  The Arrive does not have the ability (as far as I have tried so far) to download and save to view at a later time, web content such as videos.  It simply downloads and plays the content immediatley.  The TP2 could download any content, MP3, MP4, WMV, etc and give the user the choice on where to save it at via windows based drop down menus. 

While it seems like I'm missing the TP2, the Arrive does have a better slide mechanism, better touch screen, sleeker look, faster operating system and more virtual memory.  It still has a lot to be desired, wi-fi hotspot capabilty, 4g, and the above matters addressed.

So my questions: Are these matters being addressed by whomever is responsible, Microsoft, HTC, or Sprint?

Are these matters being fixed with an updated version of software?

Or should I just return this ill performing phone and get my TP2 back?

Or is there another phone that does EVERYTHING that a TP2 will do, but with a better, faster, smoother OP

For those of you saying just wait for Mango, I have only a couple of days left on Sprint's 30 day in store return policy.  Besides, the arrive should have been a step up from the TP2, not a step sideways.


Arrive the sideways move

Your songs/media from your TP2 are saved to your SD card, no? Spend $5 on a SD card reader and upload your media files to your pc or laptop. The zune software can then sync your files between your pc and your arrive.

A little research beforehand would have saved you much time and stress.

Hope this helps.


Arrive the sideways move

Remember Windows Phone 7 is a new OS and is not compatible with WinMo apps and is a completely new take on mobile OS, in general all the basic tasks are done better than the competition but you have to understand why is different.

1)      I hardly ever send text messages; this is not an issue for me.

2)      WP7 where not design to accept external storage, even if you can add memory you can only do it after a hard reset or when is new out of the box, this is by design. Regarding media purchased on you old device, you can always read the files on a PC and transfer the files later. If they are DRM protected then it has nothing to do with WP7. (I never buy DRM’d music to prevent this issues)

3)      This is a limitation of the device. There are other WP7 devices that are world phones.

4)      WP7 allows 3 types of payment, Credit card, MS Points and charge to phone bill. I had those options on a Samsung Focus, looks like Sprint is limiting the options to Credit cards only. btw MS points and Zune Pass are two different things, Zune Pass is a subscription service that allows you to stream/download music and keep ten songs (DRM free) a month, will not allow you to purchase apps. Now the MS points I think you can use them to buy apps from the Zune Software, I have not try that but it should work.

5)      I see you point; not very often I’ve had the need to download a media file. You can download music from the marketplace and soon podcast with WP 7.5 (Mango)

Another thing to remember is that there is not a visible file system on WP7; I think this is a reason not to allow file downloads. I guess someone can make and app to download files but I don’t see a real need.

To your last point, WP7 is 4G ready but if the device does not have the hardware there is not much to do there. Also WP7 is Wi-Fi hotspot ready but depends on the carrier to enable it. The next batch of WP7 devices will have some of these options, plus front facing cameras, faster CPU, compass and many more hardware improvements.

I little research goes a long way.


Re: Arrive the sideways move

You may not even need to purchase the 5$ card reader- almost all modern (read last couple years) printers have these built in, as well as laptops, and some pcs (mine included).  I use my old memory card from my TP2 in my PC as a "removable drive" and it will also work as a system boost in W7. 

Also, have you ever thought about getting a Debit card?  They work the same as a credit card for purchasing items online...

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