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HTC Arrive Bluetooth issues


HTC Arrive Bluetooth issues

The Motorola H17 bluetooth that I used with my MotoQ will not work with my new HTC Arrive.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Any fix for this?

The local Sprint store sells the Motorola H17txt for this phone...has anyone else used this bluetooth with the Arrive?

Is that working for you?

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HTC Arrive Bluetooth issues

You did not mention what the problem  is that you are having with the bluetooth.   Will the device pair?  Did you put the device in pairing mode.  If paired will it show connected


HTC Arrive Bluetooth issues

It paired automatically and it connected.  But when someone called me, they could not hear me.  When I called someone else, I heard nothing. Also, after trying to use my bluetooth, I had to restart my phone in order to make calls.


HTC Arrive Bluetooth issues

I have exactly the same problem between the H17 and the Arrive.  Other Bluetooth headsets work fine with the Arrive.  It's a bummer because the H17 is a really good headset and worked very well with my previous Treo Pro.  I'm suspicious that the cause of the incompatibility is the new "Multipoint Technology that allows the user to connect to two phones at the same time", but I can't be sure. 

It would be great if someone could figure this out.

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