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HTC Arrive Software Updates

VersionRelease date
Description of Enhancement/Fix




- Faster refresh of stock price on refresh or start up of the Stock application  

- Camera settings preservation

- Ability to Reply All using MMS

- Microsoft Operating System upgrade (Mango 7.10.7720.68) and EAS enhancements

  - View multiple email accounts in one linked inbox

  - Switch between text, Facebook chat, and Windows Live Messenger within the same conversation

  - Switch between apps that are running and allow apps to run in the background to preserve battery life

  - Integrate Twitter and LinkedIn feed into contact cards

  - Organize contacts into Live Tiles for status updates on Start and to quickly send a text, email, or IM to the group

  - Bing Enhancements includes Bing Vision, Music Search, and Voice

  - Local Scout to pinpoint search results and recommendations for nearby restaurants, shopping, and activities

  - Quick Cards to get a quick summary of relevant information including related apps

  - Improved Live Tileslet you receive real-time information from apps without having to open them

  - Internet Explorer 9 including support for HTML5

  - Hidden Wi-Fi SSID support (ability to connect to hidden WiFi networks)

  - Voice-to-text and text-to-voice for hands-free texting or chatting

  - Email folders can be set as live tiles on home screen

  - EAS server search

  - Exchange conversation view

  - Set exchange out of office

  - Exchange tasks sync

  - OneNote sync support

  - Office 360 – access to office documents stored on skydrive

  - Background audio support

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- Microsoft operating system update enhances device security

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- Initial Release

Update your software

Your HTC Arrive will do a software check once every 3 days with the Microsoft Server. To ensure you receive automatic notifications of new software updates, you

should verify your Software Update settings:

   1. From the Start screen, tap the Right Arrow to scroll to the right and view the Applications menu

   2. Scroll down and tap Settings

   3. Scroll down and tap phone update

   4. Make sure both Notify me when new updates are found and Use my cellular data connections to check for updates are checked

If you have set up automatic notifications, when a new software version is available, you will be notified on your phone. When you are ready to update your software:

   1. Use the USB cable to connect your phone to your computer with Zune installed on it

        * Note: If Zune is not installed, you will be prompted to install it when you connect your phone to your computer. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

                    The Zune software can also be downlaoded from

   2. On the Zune home screen, you will see a phone icon in the lower left corner indicating that an update is available; click on the Update button in the Zune

       notification to launch the backup and update process

   3. The computer will check for available software updates and if one is available, you will see the message An update is available for your phone; click the

       Update button

   4. You will see an Update Your Phone screen on your computer; click Update Now

   5. As your phone is being updated, you will see an Update in Progress screen on your computer and an icon on your phone showing a phone connected

       to a computer

          * Important Note: Do not use or disconnect your phone until the software update is complete.

          * Note: If your phone is locked, you may be prompted to unlock it by entering the PIN code to complete the software update.

   6. During the update, your phone will reboot (turn off and then back on)

   7. Once the update is complete, you will see a Successful Update message on your computer; click the Finish button, and you can now disconnect your

       phone from the computer

If you would rather check for updates manually:

  1. Press Start and tap the Right Arrow for the Applications menu
  2. Tap Settings > phone update
  3. If  an update is available and you want to learn more and install it on  your phone, connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable that  came with it
  4. On your computer, run the Zune software if it doesn't start automatically
  5. In the Zune software, select Settings > Phone > Update

Note: If you have any problems or questions about installing your software update, visit the Microsoft Phone update FAQ page.

Note:  Comments are restricted on this blog.  Please post any comments under the thread for the specific software update.