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HTC Arrive video: Basics


HTC Arrive video: Basics

This is clearly the worst Microsoft OS based phone ever!  I know—I’ve used all of them; all Pocket PC and Microsoft Mobile OS PDA’s and phones since 2000.  The so called “Windows 7 phone” is a very different animal.  Similar to other ‘web 2.0’ business models, such as Google phones, this is primarily a marketing platform intended to sell you digital services rather than a phone and personal digital assistant optimized for the needs and interests of the user. 

Overall, compared to Microsoft Mobile 6.x, this phone has been dumbed down to the level of an idiot.  This is the first Microsoft OS phone that does not have a Windows Media Player (apparently so you can’t play your own mp3 having no other choice but to buy music thru their market channels).  Also missing is a file manager (part of dumbing it down).  It will not work with Windows Sync Center and it will NOT sync contacts and calendar with Outlook.  Rather, it wants to upload all your personal information to their ‘cloud’; presumably so they can monitor your personal and social activities. 

Like Googled phones, this is designed to limit the user’s activities while directing behavior toward consumption of digital consumer services.  After giving it a thorough evaluation I’m returning it!  If you are listening Microsoft—I reject your dumbed down marketing model! 


Re: HTC Arrive video: Basics

Hi, I'm very sorry that the device hasn't met your expectations thus far.  Windows Phone 7 uses the Zune software which does allow you to play your own music files just like Windows Media Player did.  You will need to download the Zune software for your desktop as well in order to sync your music, videos and pictures from your desktop to your phone.  The Zune software is also currently used to install updates for the device as well.

I was also able to find some info regarding syncing your Outlook calendar to WP7.

Here is some info regarding syncing your Outlook contacts to WP7.

You are right that there is no file manager at the moment.  It is possible that this could change in a future update but at this point there is no official info regarding that.

Hopefully the info that I provided helps!


HTC Arrive video: Basics

  This person either does not understand technology or did not use a Windows Phone 7 for more than a few minutes.

- This is a consumer device first and the target users do not understand computers, file systems, file types, etc.

- Microsoft's primary reason to create a Phone is to sell you Office, Xbox, Zune and Windows OS, same as Apple with iTunes and Google with Gmail and other online services. Using ALL Microsoft products is a big plus on having a WP7 device, I do and enjoy all that WP7 has to offer.

- As mentioned before there is a full audio and video player (that works with any MP3 file) branded as Zune with a store that allows to purchase and subscribe to a ZunePass that allows to download or stream more that 11 million songs. (as Google music w/o purchasing or iCloud services on iphone but better)

- There is no need to "sync" with a PC as a traditional PIM since all contacts, calendar and of course e-mail are in the cloud, only your personal music/videos are copied using the Zune Software. Again most users don't understand files systems so there is no need for a file manager. Who cares where music or pictures files are stored in the device as long as you can easily access them with their respective hubs. If they wanted to monitor you contacts and/or activity they can do it directly on outlook and your Windows PC.

Now with all that said, this is the most innovative mobile OS out there, the User Experience (UX) is in my opining better that what Apple and Google are doing where is basically a grid of icons that point to an application, where you have to switch between applications instead of grouping tasks like pictures and media on WP7. btw I had a iPhone for 3 years before WP7.

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