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Android 4.0 update on HTC EVO Shift?


Android 4.0 update on HTC EVO Shift?

I was wondering if there will be an update for Android 4.0 on the EVO Shift. If anybody know anything I'd appreciate some feedback.


Android 4.0 update on HTC EVO Shift?

even though i really doubt it, im hoping that there will. i really dont know why they havent fixed this htc sense issue that has been going on for about half a year now. the only GOOD explanation to this would be that they have been working on a 4.0 update instead. please update the shift sprint or at least fix it.


Re: Android 4.0 update on HTC EVO Shift?

According to HTC's website, it does appear that the EVO Shift will not be getting the ICS update when it becomes available. This information can be found on HTC's website or by accessing this link: You can also get additional information at this link:



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