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Contacts: Sync is currently experincing problems/Process system not responding


Contacts: Sync is currently experincing problems/Process system not responding

I have a HTC Hero. A day ago I noticed that my phone kept turning off by itself. Being that I have experience that before, I just waited for it to turn back on, however, this time, not the case.  I received the following error message when it came back on: "Process system is not responding".  The message then asks me to either select "Force close" or "Wait".  I originally picked "forced closed" but the message returned after I turned my phone off and took the battery out.  So I tried again clicking "Wait".  Same thing, the phone shut off, restarted, and then the message reappeared.  So I noticed then that I wasn't receiving any text messages (it was my birthday and I was expecting text messages).  I checked out the syncing on my phone and noticed that the Contacts section had a next to it and a message at the bottom read " Sync is currently experiencing problems.  It will be back shortly."  So i clicked "Sync now" to speed up the process, no luck.  I then unchecked the checkbox next to "Sync Contacts" and then rechecked it.  No change.  The still appeared.  I also noticed that "Sync Gmail" and "Sync Calendar" hasn't been updated since the day before. I clicked "Sync Contacts" to uncheck and check the checkbox again.  Again, no luck and my phone froze and restarted again. 

I have read a few thread discussions which mentioned that I should clear my cache for my contacts, but my issue is that I am afraid if i do that that i will not receive the text messages that I missed while my phone was "acting up".  Is it safe to say that if i clear my cache and or clear data from the Contacts Storage that any undelivered messages will be received?

Is there another way to save the information that is currently on my phone and the messages that I have not received?

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