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EVO Charging Port Problem- Clarification/Update Please


EVO Charging Port Problem- Clarification/Update Please

I have an HTC Evo 4g that I got back in March 2011. I have never had any problems with this phone until one day it just stops charging. I take it to a Sprint Corporate Repair Store and leave it there for inspection. I was not able to go back to the store to get my phone so I called to see how the progress was and was told that the "charging port had come loose of the motherboard" and that I would need to file an insurance claim and pay the $100.00 deductible. I picked up my phone the next day and was given information for Asurion to file a claim to get a replacement phone sent overnight.

I dont plan on filing an insurnce claim because I dont feel I should pay a $100.00 deductible because I am still within the 1 year manufacturers warranty. I was going to call HTC tomorrow but after reading posts on this and other websites, I am confused now what I should do.

I have read some people were able to get a replacement phone free of charge the same day from a Sprint Corporate store, while others were able to get one by calling Sprint Customer Service and explaining the problem to them.

Others have said that Sprint has been no help in replacing their phones and have gone through HTC, only to pay them $240.00 for a new phone. Some posts say this is something that is covered under the manufacturers warranty and other posts says it is not.

I have no clue what I should do next. Should I go back to the repair store and ask to speak to a manager and explain how I have researched the problem and ask for a replacement phone on the spot? Or should I call Sprint Customer Service and see what they have to say. I call HTC and ask for a replacement under the device warranty.

I love my Evo and just want it back the fastest, easiest way without paying the deductible!

I know this has been posted numerous times before but after reading through as much as I can, I just dont know what is the best thing for me to do next, so thanks to all who can help me clarify what the next step should be.


EVO Charging Port Problem- Clarification/Update Please

When the  device is disassembled they should examine if the solder points were of the correct size and placement to meet manufacturers standards. I would have them show me a warranty covered and a warranty non covered one to show me the difference in how they determine that it is considered physical damage/abuse.


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