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Evo 4G Text not recieving from one contact


Evo 4G Text not recieving from one contact

One friend's texts are not being recieved by my EVO 4g.  I'm integrated with google voice and the texts don't show up there either.  friend is on ATT.  I've cleared messenger data/cache.  I've updated PRL and Profile.  Rebooted several times.  Friend has deleted texts from their phone and rebooted as well.  The blockage happened right after I sent a MMS (picture).  Texts from all other contacts are working perfectly. 

Is this something Sprint can help with?


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Evo 4G Text not recieving from one contact

Does your friend get sms messages from you?   Does he have problems sending to anyone else besides you?

Can you send to other people on the ATT system or do you know?    What type of device is your friend using?

We can check to see if his number is hitting the intercarrier  the company the routes messages for one carrier to the other, if you can private message me your phone number and the ATT number?

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