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HTC EVO 2.2,, o.s. version, music/ringer overall volume not loud enough, anyone have the same issues with volumes?


HTC EVO 2.2,, o.s. version, music/ringer overall volume not loud enough, anyone have the same issues with volumes?

hello fellow sprint people, i had work done to my evo, even had 2.3.4 o.s. version put on my device. i have mine now for about 6 weeks. well the newer version o.s. system, actualy its the nexus 2.3.4. android version they put on my evo, NO MORE HTC SENSE PROGRAMS, which i didnt know, so i spent hours wondering why htc sense clocks and stuff, widgets, etc..i was downloading, were giving me a battle. i didnt like it at all. i was completly lost, diff and complicated settings for me to use. had no idea, compared to 2.2 about certain features and functions also, i had problems making settings saved. took it back 2 days later, and they reinstalled 2.2 system back on, so i repersonalized my device 4 diff times, so i been all over the settings and stuff. including android app market. among other android app places. also had tech supp on home phone several times, you tube would not play at all on 3g, and web almost not responsive at all on 3g, where there was no 4g signal. where our job site is located, so i was basically just connected to the phone part, nothing else would respond. everything was fine on 4g and at home linked to my wifi.. well, they were able to fix that issue, with things they done on their end and had me do on my end. happy for that, because the last and next step was a master reset of device , which again would have set it back to factory defualt settings and repersonalization. turns out my device was stuck on a certain tower, or towers. among other small things,works great now on 3g... also my device was hitting towers that were not fully operational yet but working enough to lock on a signal, and use. they are supposed to be released to the public by the end of the year, but i was locked on to it. it was supposed to be a good thing for me, turns out it was actualy hurting my service, i think thats why the 2.3.4 version wouldnt work properly, because my other problems with these towers i was stuck on. among not knowing you can no longer use any HTC SENSE programs, strictly android apps,widgets etc only.. so now i am happy again, with the 2.2 o.s..or htc sense.. repersonalized again, apps i wanted working great and back on my phone.....NOW MY QUESTION, is there anyone out there that agrees with me on the max volume settings, are not loud enough, for music and also, hearing your phone ring???? for the evo. i mean, their not that bad, but coming from a blackberry 8350i curve nextel, and other sprint phones i had over the years (been w sprint since they came to my area, about 13 -14 years ago). i want louder ringer/music volume options, these are pretty low decibal ringers, this is my only negative issue i have with the HTC EVO, there has to someone out there that agrees with me on this lower volume thing, i cannot hear mine at times. so missed calls is an issue. what do you all think????? i been all over the market and cannot find a volume booster that acualy works, where you can hear a difference, had 1 but when turned on, there was no difference in volume. not one bit of a hint of being a little louder, as it claimed to increase volume by 30%.


HTC EVO 2.2,, o.s. version, music/ringer overall volume not loud enough, anyone have the same issues with volumes?

Myxer has a function where you can set the volume louder on a ringtone you are sending to your device from  You can't do it from their Android app but can from their website.  You may want to try it.

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