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The "Leo" is actually the HD2.

I hope one of the USA network carriers like Sprint decide to release the HD2. This device has many people interested in the device and has created a lot of buzz on various cell phone forums. To me, this is the first device that can truly overtake the revered iPhone based on features.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some videos to explain why this phone is getting a lot of attention. You may notice in the video that the phone is labeled as Pro.Three, however this was filler text since the official release name of HD2 as been revealed.

Videos of HTC HD2

Pictures of HTC HD2

The HD2 would be a great item to release Q4 2009 or Q1 2010 in the USA even though the HD never was released in the USA.

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pipsz2007, I know we all may seem desperate to get this phone, but we're not stupid.  Please don't come on this forum insulting our intelligences by claiming the phone will be out for December.

With that said, let's all continue to look for reputable information on the web and in contacting Sprint ourselves.  It sucks that the front liner for Sprint this holiday season is the Palm Pixie - the Palm Pre but different hardware and a smaller screen!  It irritates me that Sprint is recycling cheap gimmicky phones in this way instead of pursuing higher quality, more advanced technology phones.  Making the T-Mobile jump is sounding a little better to me.  I actually find the release of the Palm Pixie a little insulting...


pipsz2007 wrote:

i don't know if you are reading this still but i did want you to know that sprint is getting the hd2=sprint adonis in dec befor tmobile will and I should have one on xmas for sure but no date yet but I do asure you it will be out befor tmobile and befor xmas so stay with sprint and wait you will be happy about it

If this going to be true, then the FCC approval ID would need to occur very soon in order to have Adonis on sale for Christmas.

For example, the HERO's FCC approval ID was on 8/20/2009 with the announcement on 9/3/2009 by Sprint to be sold on 10/8/2009.


thats exactly right a 3 month period. so they would have to do it now then sprint speaks on it next month and then dec release. but thats to much to be looking forward to so i dought much. wait and see but im not looking forward to it. but im sure somewhere down the line sprint and other carriers will eventually have there top phones. i mean its a cycle. all carriers pretty much have it. so it really doesnt matter who gets it first. just matter on you as a customer do you want to wait on sprint to get there next big phone or be a fast one and jump to another carrier. and then theres the chance sprint may not even get it=/. but like i said its a trend. every carrier is now on android pretty much. so of course they all will have there own versions of this and that and soon be on the same OS. just diff benefits depending among the carrier. so like i said its on the customers and pretty much seems like everyone demand is now.


Good post UniqueNate.  Somewhere down the line, Sprint will get this phone or one like it.  I think I will be patient and wait to see if Sprint gets the HD2.  My TP is a good phone for now, so I can wait another several months - if Sprint doesn't make too many major changes to the HD2, especially the hardware!  The phone is big enough, I hope it doesn't get too much thicker.


yep thats right. and i agree with you ASM on the design end. i'm just going to get the HERO and stay with it and see what sprint brings us in 2010. but i oh so hope a hardware change is not needed for Sprints version of the HTC HD2 if they get it. because before the hero was officially released i was hoping they kept the original design. but what do you know Sprint is now a makeover company to lols. just need a sprint logo and there software goodies along with whats already installed and we are good to go! i know somebody has to be able to make a CDMA phone or battery that can be slim.


and for those who were having the big imagination on the HD2 to have a physical keyboard to if sprint was to get it ( rumors of a HD2 pro ) i think companies could definitely work on it still being THIN. mainly because the MOTOROLA DROID verizons upcoming iphone killer is known to be slightly and i mean slightly if not the same thickness as the iphone. and that phone has a physical keyboard. and verizon does CDMA phones like sprint so i mean dont knock a physical keyboard phone on its size cause it is possible to keep it slim. article that mentions it is slim like iphone below


Thanks for the link.  I love my hardware keyboard on my TP don't get me wrong, I think it would be a nice change though to have an onscreen keyboard.  Whenever I switch up phones I like doing things differently from the previous one I had.  I'm such a phone whore!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Two things that I've learned as a "rule of thumb" with regards to FCC approval:

1) The FCC usually approves a device when it is about 30 days from release.  That's the threshold - 30 days.  Could be less, and some times it's a bit more, but not by much.

2) If you don't see it on, then it's not true.  I think I've even seen some phones that get FCC approval and then never make it to a carrier's shelves, so even FCC appr# is not the final say!

Right now, here's a mostly smartphone lineup that Sprint has for the holiday season:

Palm (WebOS):

     - Pre

     - Pixie


     - Hero (Android)

     - Touch Pro2 (WinMo 6.5)

     - Snap (WinMo 6.1 - and a very underrated phone, IMHO)


     - Instinct s30

     - Instinct HD

     - Intrepid (WinMo 6.5 - could be better than the TP2!)

Blackberry Tour

Plus there's still a ton of other feature phones out there that are rock solid.  I'm liking the Sprint lineup a lot - there's a lot of quality products with a good balance of innovation to make it arguably the freshest lineup for the holiday season... IMHO.

And that's with or without the HD2 in the lineup.  Adding the HD2 could be gravy, or it could just muddy the waters.  Either way, though, I like what's out there now!

I'm on an HTC TP now, and starting to lean towards a WebOS phone (the Pre, because my sausages are probably too stinkin' fat to work the Pixie keyboard, if it's comparable to the Centro!)... although I'm having trouble looking away from the bright light that is Android and it's 10,000 apps ready for DL now!



hopefully the touch pro 2 gets its 6.5 upgade asap


ASM wrote:

Thanks for the link.  I love my hardware keyboard on my TP don't get me wrong, I think it would be a nice change though to have an onscreen keyboard.  Whenever I switch up phones I like doing things differently from the previous one I had.  I'm such a phone *****!

ASM, I had the Instinct prior to the TP, the on-screen keyboard is definitely a treat. that's the one thing I miss about the instinct that I don't like about the TP. The on-screen of the TP is to small in landscape view and the slideout keyboard buttons are too close together to use reliably. I get better results using the hybrid qwerty layout.

I've used the iPhone keyboard and if the HTC HD2 keyboard is even half as good as that, it's gonna be a dream to use in my opinion.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Yea i hear the pro2 for sprint wont get the 6.5 update until next year. why? idk but i read that on something a while ago well, when 6.5 came out on Oct. 6


Well I think its exaggerated to leave Sprint because they dont have the HD2, this situation its the same all time. How many people left AT&T because they never had the Nokia N95 & other cool Nokia phones & now because Sprint didnt grab this phone your going to leave?. It doesnt matter if you say that "I being with Sprint since Sprint started"  THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU THAT PHONE IN CDMA, because HTC didnt want to or it was reserved for someone else,so its not Sprint fault that they didnt get this phone.

So I suggest patience & let the time pass by for these reasons:

-To know if the HD2 its a good invesment(many say it is, but others dont, and we have to think first before we buy).

-Probably for next year Sprint will get a similar phone to the HD2 or even a better one.

Thats my opinion. Im a person who , before I buy, define my needs, have knowledge in my economical situation & always seek other options that fill my needs so I wont reget it later because I have seen many iphone users leaving because of issues with AT&T, I think that its going to be the same with the HD2 & T-mobile.

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