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HTC Touch Pro II


HTC Touch Pro II

A couple questions, or concerns...

1) Is there any way to customize ring tones for select callers on this phone? I can only seem to modify the ringtone for all incoming calls.

2) FYI - I wanted to save an e-mail attachment image to my photo album, and it took 1 hour and 15 minutes on the phone with an HTC tech to be able to figure out what should otherwise be a simple task. When you open a photo attachment, and click the lower right icon, you are presented with a dialoque box that offers the option to "save the image to a contact", or "save screen image". If you select the "save screen image" option, you are sent to another screen where you have the option to modify the name of the file and then "save". Unfortunately, no one at HTC seems to know where the image is saved? We searched all through the complete file tree, and were completely unsuccessful at determing the location of these saves. Ultimately, we skinned the cat in a different way, by holding the pointer on the e-mail attachment (in the e-mail screen), and that will open another screen allowing you to save the image to a specific file location. I would still like to know where the other items had been saved?

3) Is there a way to change the order of the photos in the album? I would like to open the album and see certain pix first, but there does not seem to be a way to make what is now the third image, the first.

4) This is my second HTC Touch Pro II phone, as I was given a "model" to try for one month. When I decided I wanted the phone, I had to ship that back and get a new one for my #. That said, I had the same problem with both phones, and cannot get resolution to my query... My phone is linked to my Outlook, so all changes on the phone and my PC are always updated with one another; a very nice feature that has saved my business from having to pay for a Blackberry Enterprise Server. But for whatever reason, there are select meetings on my calendar that are not showing-up on my phone. So if I have 5 meetings in one day, with appointment times varrying from 7:00AM through 9:30PM, appointment #1, 2, 3, & 5 will show on my phone, but #4 does not exist??? Soft and hard resets do not seem to do anything, and this could create a costly problem for me if I cannot get it resolved and miss an important meeting. Help anyone???

5) Are there downloads available for this phone, like the i-phone or Droid? If so, where do I see them and download them?

6) It seems a bit odd that there is not a detailed user manual or website to access for more complex issues; hopefully this might be something that is pending.

Thanks to any and all that can shed light on my concerns and questions.

- Willy -

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