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Hard Roam option for HTC Snap


Hard Roam option for HTC Snap

I just switched over from a Palm Centro to the HTC Snap. I was having a lot of issues where the centro would do some crazy things (constantly trying to hotsync and such so it became totally unreliable and after 3 phones it was time to switch.) At any rate, now I have this Snap and unfortunately for me, I live in an area where Sprint coverage is terrible. On the Centro, the roaming options were, Automatic, Sprint only or Roaming only. On the HTC Snap, the options are Automatic or Sprint only. Is there any way I can go into the phone and do a hard roaming only set so that I don't continue to lose calls constantly? Automatic would work if there was absolutely no Sprint coverage but since there is a very very low signal, I go from full roaming coverage to nothing and calls drop.

Thanks in advance

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