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Holy **** Sprint (HTC One M8 Connectivity)


Holy **** Sprint (HTC One M8 Connectivity)

So starting yesterday at 6pm my less than week-old phone lost all ability to place calls, send-receive sms, and pass data regardless of 4gLTE or 3G. Of course you come here and there's a plethora of other users having the same issue nationwide which brings to question why is this is still a problem a month later. I have tried power cycling, unchecking domestic calling and data, prl update, profile update, two separate ## codes Sprint phone support had me use, and the only things that seems to barely work is switching to CDMA only and even that is not guaranteed. Not only that but this issue stems all the way from 94553 to 94525 and more. Occasionally encountering a sweetspot where 4gLTE works for 30 seconds. The techs want me to exchange my phone but I think it's pretty apparent it's not the phone, Sprint. Thanks for turning my $200 smartphone into a calculator. Am I going to be refunded for the service you're having me pay for that is actually unavailable? This is some Comcast level trolling, for real you should at least issue a warning to potential customers of these issues that render the device almost useless.


Re: Holy **** Sprint (HTC One M8 Connectivity)


I apologize for the inconvenience of not having reliable service. I have checked both zip codes. There are no outages in your area. I have notified our network team about your concerns. How long have you been experiencing this concern? Once the issue is resolved. We will be able to access your account and determine what the credit should be worth having no service. Let me know.


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Re: Holy **** Sprint (HTC One M8 Connectivity)

@obtusemoose I live in NYC and have the same issues as you do. Going back and forth on the phone with Sprint Tech Support for the majority of the month they just recently told me that they are bring the towers up to standard and that it would take 6 months. At that point Sprint wouldn't void my contract.  This is a definitely an issue with Sprint's infrastructure.

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