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I've so thoroughly enjoyed your lack of integrity, customer service, and responsibility this year.


I've so thoroughly enjoyed your lack of integrity, customer service, and responsibility this year.

Dear Sprint,

Thank you for the 6-8 hours we have spent on the phone this year as I have desperately tried to simply get a phone from you that lasts it's entire warranty. After 1- HTC EVO Shifts and 2 EVO 3D phones all stopped working properly well within the 1 year warranty all due to manufacturing defects the fact that your Sprint Rep promised me the last time that if I had issues with my current phone that you would replace it with my choice of phones was reassuring. Of course when you failed to honor that promise I wasn't at all surprised. I mean honestly why in the world should you take responsibility for sending me bad phone after bad phone? I'm just a loony for thinking that you would provide customer service or appropriately compensate me for all my time and trouble due to your repeated failures to honor the contract I originally signed with you. Naive as I am I still asked you to honor your agreement and replace my phone with a Samsung Note 2. Sure perhaps I was asking a bit too much, but your service rep did clearly indicate that you would honor this request if I had issues with the last EVO 3D you provided me. Well not only did you flatly refuse to honor that agreement, but you gave me 2 options. You could send me one of three discontinued (probably reconditioned) phones, OR (lucky me) I could buy the Note 2 full price and you could take absolutely no responsibility for your repeated errors or wasting my time.

Now, I'm not unreasonable. I tried to meet you in the middle. I offered to renew my 2 year contract with you and buy the Note 2 at the full price IF you would credit me for your repeated errors and my time and trouble. I thought that $200 credited to my account either in one lump sum or spread out over the course of the year was more than reasonable. You get my business for 2 more years, I get a phone that is more reliable, new (not some discontinued or refurbished piece of garbage) and we both walk away happy. Sadly, this ideal solution was not meant to be. Instead you opted to choose the path in which not only do you fail to take responsibility but violate the implied contract your company entered when I first purchased my phone, the insurance, and your services. I mean I can't really talk on a phone that doesn't work now can I?

In the end you have left me no choice but to file a complaint against you with the Better Business Bureau and tell the rest of your customers and potential customers here on Facebook how you REALLY operate.

As an individual with over 20 years customer service experience with companies such as Disney and BMW I am very well aware of what good and proper customer service is and what is realistic in these matters. I can tell you that I know for a fact that someone in your company at some level is more than capable of rectifying this situation with a snap of their fingers so it is not a matter of you simply not being able to do something as you claim, but rather that you are outright refusing to.

At the end of my last call the supervisor I spoke with gave me his bosses information, some guy named Timber that doesn't have a last name that any of you can provide me with and the following number 817-215-3697. I was left with yet another empty promise of a call from Timber within the next 24 hours but I suspect that this promise is as solid as the previous promises you have given me. I am however hoping that someone competent, intelligent and aware of what true customer service is will see this and take the appropriate actions ASAP so I can contact the Better Business Bureau and retract my complaint and report here on Facebook that at least one person within your organization has integrity, understands the fundamentals of customer service and is willing to stand by a promise made by a Sprint Representative even if that promise is not standard procedure.

Please don't even think about sending along an empty apology. I don't want to hear from some person in a call center with absolutely no power to fix my issue but who does have the endless capacity to apologize unsympathetically for matters in which he had nothing to do with.

The ball is in your court Sprint.

Most frustatedly yours,


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